Free Custom «Disaster Recovery» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Disaster Recovery» Essay Paper

This paper seeks to explore the general operation of automated back up system, data storage back up on the internet and strategies to enhance internet data security. Towards this end, analysis on the necessary tools to facilitate a backup, specification of the required security for the process and storage facility and how it can be locally and remotely administered to the storage facility. In conclusion, the implementation strategy to restore the storage backup will be succinctly analyzed.  

The first strategy towards the setting up a secure automated server backup system is that it must be properly configured with the correct settings and assessed continuously at settimes which is commonly on daily basis. This strategy must avoid relying on manual set up that is always a cause for system failures because it demands continuous personnel presence.

The necessary tools for an automated data back like MS SQL data base needs effective and reliable data management software. This requires that an account administrator is experienced in MS SQL and one must access windows authenticated mode for effective reliable connection SQL server. This will require the following tools; handy back up which make the maximum use of Microsoft AIP (Novosoft LLC, 2004).

When using Handy back up, one can easily perform his or her back up without inteerfering with SQL server service. On the other hand, one can back up SQL data base by just adding MS SQL and it detects all SQL on ones compute (Novosoft LLC, 2004).  

The process of implementation of the restore from the internet storage backup requires a robust Restore Backup Software. “Your backup folder is mapped to the Windows Explorer as a network drive so you can recover your files by copying and pasting them from the network to your local disk” (Pontiere, 2010). In conclusion, to effectively back up and restore your backup system, your backup drive must have a large capacity to avoid swapping out media in the middle of back p jobs (Pontiere, 2010).


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