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ConfigSafe: Description and Significant Features

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ConfigSafe is one of the third-party utility programs that can be used as a configuration tracker and utility software for system running on Windows (LAN 1999).  ConfigSafe is useful to administrators it can be used to record system configurations by taking snapshots. These snapshots can then be used to recover from problems arising from faulty hardware or software installation problems.


Description and features of configSafe

ConfigSafe is a useful utility that is used for recovery purposes in some Windows operating systems. This utility from ImagineLan works by reording the configuration of a Windows system in a snapshot. The snapshot contains records of important information such as the system configuration files like WIN.INI and AUTOEXEC.BAT, system changes like memory, processor and Windows version, Windows registry and system asset. The first snapshot taken by the system administrator is known as factory configuration and upon failure; the system can be rolled back to this point (Docter, Dulaney & Skandier 2007)


Kayne, Houser and Funk (2004) point out that configSafe a system to a previous point also called a snapshot. This is useful itt restoring a system it fails to a latter point where the system can once again work. This function can also be used restore windows from DOS. The snapshot feature available in ConfigSafe can be used by administrators to compare current status and configuration of the system with a snapshot taken at some time before.

ConfigSafe is indeed a useful utility that can save computer users time and loss that can result from downtime. The utility’s snapshot truly make users never to worry on occurrences of system failure as they can restore they systems to previous configuration with a click.


Buy custom ConfigSafe: Description and Significant Features essay paper cheap

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