Free Essay Sample «An Eye Over the Chinese Industry»

Free Essay Sample «An Eye Over the Chinese Industry»

We are in the era of globalization, wherein the stance on any thing has an ultimate effect over the other things as well. The current era can be referred as the era of industrialization and entrepreneurship, as we have seen a remarkable performance in these industries from past few decades. Technology is the thing which indeed made our life very easy. China is among those countries that have a lot of technology in their premises, and it would not be wrong that this country is the one that stand on their technological stance.


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It has been consensus that the Chinese companies are not adopting the stance and essence of the international management which effects on their sales revenue brutally. Boeing and Isuzu are among those companies who recently opened their operation in the Chinese market. After their establishment of the operation in China, they observed that Chinese companies are refusing to transfer their technology because of the low economic freedom and higher political risk persist in the country. Now the question arise that what companies like Boeing have to do? First we would like to advice the Chinese government that they have to instigate and induce their companies to adopt the international management dilemma to make them extravagant. If they continue the same stance they might not be able to attract foreign investment and after some years they might loose their stance of huge turnover of sales. This is an obvious fact that every company has to abide by the laws of that particular country in which it is operating, so Boeing Company also has to comply with the rules and regulations of China but they have to suggest the government to get away the political instability stance from the country to make growth imminent to others.



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