Free Custom «Advancement in Technology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Advancement in Technology» Essay Paper

Mankind has always displayed his skills technology. Since the earliest civilization technology has been there and the difference with the present time being that there has been continuous improvement in the technologies which have been discovered. This improvement has resulted to some of the advanced technologies that are witnessed today. It is amazing that some of the most advanced technologies we have today started on a crude form. This essay seeks to show the advancement in technology through times from the earliest civilization with the bottom line implying that technology is just an art of constant improved of skills which have been invented.  It should be noted the technology has been necessitated by the need for human being to lead a comfortable life. The earliest technology can be traced to the Stone Age period as explained below.

The Stone Age period

It is argued that during this period humans had no permanent residence and as such the technology which was available to them was that of using simple hand tools for collection of food and to ensure their survival against a harsh environment. With time the age advanced in technology by coming up with simple machines like the canoes which were used in the oceans and helped these earlier people to migrate to different places. It is also argued that these people developed agricultural goods in form of refined simple stone tools. Specific rocks were picked up and polished and used to make axes which were use in clearing forests for the agricultural activity. The stone age period can be regard as the cradle of technology because it was the improvement of these earlier technology that produced refined in the age that followed that is the copper and bronze age (Bunch and Hellemans 1; Butz 6).


The copper and bronze age

Technologies in this age were highly based on those of the Stone Age era the difference being in the material used to make the tools in this age. The tools at this age mainly used bronze and copper which indicates that they were efficient than the stone tools. This made work easier for the man and consequently more enjoyable.  With time tools made out of iron were developed. The iron tools were harder as compared to the bronze and copper tools. The use of iron tools made work even easier making it possible for agricultural activities to be practiced on a large scale as it was possible for land to be cleared on a large scale. Estimation puts the Iron Age at around 100BC to 500BC at a time that the Roman Empire was growing quite fast and conquering vast pieces of lands (Higham 311).    


The earlier technologies

There are numerous records of various technologies which were invented in the earlier ages which can strongly be said to have formed the framework for almost all the modern technologies at the present time. From all the corners of the world it has been shown that unique form of technological inventions were made which if traced well has an improved form in the current state of technology. The Greeks have been applauded for discovering the watermill among many other mechanical inventions. It is claimed that the Roman civilization and Greek engineers paved way for modern technologies. The senate system used by the Romans can be seen in the U.S. governance.  The civil engineering exhibited by the Roman Empire displayed some of the best skills in the human history; these skills have been built upon by the modern civil engineers. These earlier technologies paved a great way for the industrial revolution which was later to usher in the current modern technologies in the 19th and 20th centuries (Musson  and Robinson 204).

The Industrial revolution

The industrial revolution is depicted by processes which were carried out on large scales than ever witnessed before. This was made possible because of the invention of more advanced tools which saw this era bringing into existence great developments in the areas of textile manufacturing metallurgy, mining and transport. The discovery of the engine helped much in revolutionizing the transport sector in the 19th century (Musson  and Robinson 209).

The 19th and 20th centuries

The 19th century made much improvement in the technologies of transport capitalizing on the steam engines which were applied water boats and railways. There was much improvement in the communication and construction sectors. There was mass production of many items at this period. Transport was broadened and made it possible for the world to be toured more easily. The 20th century saw the proper refinement of the technologies of the 19th century. Communication was refined and made more complicated and efficient. The transport was made very efficient with huge breakthroughs such landing a man on the moon. Computers took the centre stage in technology advancement being used in literally every improvement of technology (Winkel and Hermann 45).


The future of technology in the 21st century

Most of the inventions in technologies in the 21st century are hard to understand unless one is a specialist in the area of reference. Technologies in quantum computers, nuclear fusion nanotechnology among others are among the technological advances in the 21st century. Man is making an attempt to discover his surrounding and the universe as a whole by use of technology. Such technologies require intergovernmental funding and a lot of planning which takes a lot of years. Thus from the earliest civilization of using stone tools, technology has advanced so immensely to levels that very few people understand.



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