Free Custom «Understanding Culture and Communication» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Understanding Culture and Communication» Essay Paper

Individualism is defined as the measure to which people care for themselves and their immediate family members. Usually, highly individualistic states like USA, Australia and Canada are richer. Growing in individualistic culture gives one strong sense independence and a strong personal autonomy. Being a decidedly and independent person are useful in making decisions in some occupations and thus creating a unique image of oneself due to high flexibility of such individuals. This individualism fosters a high commitment to work environment. Growing in this kind of culture is also more efficient and lowers cost.

Collectivism is defined as the ‘togetherness’ of a group than individualism in political, economic and social sphere. Growing up in a collective society means that there is sharing of problems and challenges making them easy to solve. Sharing any sort of information as a group makes it ‘light’ and easy to solve.

Many researchers believe that behavioral differences between women and men are socially structured depending on the environment they grew in. my position is that although equal, men and women are different. A sociologist professor, Steven Goldberg, at the City College of New York in his book A Theory of Male Dominance debunks the feminist mythology. He argues that although males and females are not superior to each other, genetics and hormonal driven behaviors better explain the differences.

Men have high levels of testosterone which tend to make them more aggressive driving them to dominance in the world than women. There are also biological differences worth noting; men and women produce different sex hormones that affect them differently. They also carry different hormones; XX for women and XY for men. The Y chromosome sets the difference between the sexes and all the genetic differences that exist between women and men.


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