Free Custom «The Woman?s Value in Today?s Society» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Woman?s Value in Today?s Society» Essay Paper

A woman is a member of the society who is considered the weaker sex over men. They have often suffered inequality over the decades for womendid not have the freedom to participate in, or have the privilege of experiencing certain luxuries; such as owning or running a business, having a career, or even possessing large amounts of money. Up until a decade ago, a woman’s place was the kitchen, house and childcare. Her priorities were cooking, completing al the house chores before her spouse returns and creating a pleasant domestic atmosphere. To a woman, perusing a professional career was unthinkable and almost unachievable. Those women who were strong enough and determined were able to pursue their dreams and overcome the stereotypes. They were ready and prepared to face the social challenges that came with perusing ones dreams.

Throughout the centuries, the model of a woman and her desires and needs have changed. Her role in the family has also grown from generation to generation. Today’s woman has expressed that they desire freedom and emancipation. The contemporary female of today’s world values professional work and have worked hard to gain the skills required for their respective professions. They are equally skilled as the men. They have an entirely different perception of the world from the ones their mothers knew. They enthusiastically improve their qualifications, but through coercion. They do so out of their own desire to better their career. This has brought about a new breed of women in society. They have thrown the ‘housewife’ mentality away and are now looking to better themselves as individuals.

In the business world, women have grown to be so instrumental and have proven to be extremely excellent and phenomenal in the business arena. They have proven the image of women otherwise owned businesses to be small. They start small but expand and grow faster than the overall business expansion rate. They not only sell to customers, but to other businesses, as well. They also sell services just as much as they sell stuff. According to research study done by the Washington DC, based center for women’s business research, the number of privately held business owned by women grew in percent as compared to the overall rate of 6%. Women owned businesses grew by 32 percent in the same period as compared to the overall rate of 24 percent.

They point out that women are creating jobs by hiring. Their rates of hiring are higher than their rates of creating new businesses. This growth means that means that nearly half of the businesses in the United Statesbelong to women, and one in every seven US workers are employed by a woman. This shows the growth that women have made as individuals to step into the world that is considered a ‘man’s world’.

All these new trends have altered the view and the state of family. They have moved from an active engagement state to a passive control state. Family should be a cohesive group where children are at the heart of the family, and they aim for a common goal. The family setting today is such that men share in the house chores, as both men and women take the role of working and perusing a professional career. They no longer feel restricted to the ‘housewife’ duties. This is as a result of the world wide emancipation of women. They have gained more and more opportunities for experiencing and becoming active in many different areas. These trends are constantly rising, and there is no indication of any reverse.

In addition to their freedom to explore themselves, women have also the privilege of getting insurance cover on their own, as compared to the earlier centuries where women could not get cover unless it was through their husbands. However, most women, a high percentage of women in the United States are uninsured. Insurance cover isexceedingly expensive and employers are reducing salaries or cutting down employees leaving some jobless. They, for that reason, lose their cover.

Uninsured women are more likely to suffer serious health problems as compared to those that are insured. Some women tend to wait too long to seek treatment and do not feel the need to get drugs. Statistics, however, show that uninsured adults tend to die a lot faster than those who have insurance. When it comes to young mothers and mothers In general, they are at high risks of getting illnesses together with their children. This is because they are single and do not have time for work. They, therefore, do not have a strong paycheck to take care of insurance cover costs. Social security benefits arecrucial for the mothers because they help them take care of the costs, lifting a burden and making it easier for them to take care of themselves and their children.

Supplemental security income also helps disabled mothers by giving an amount of money every often. The mothers can use this cash to take care of their children’s needs. They are also issued to mothers who are disabled and cannot fully take care of themselves.

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It is quite evident that women have fought for their right to express themselves and gain their right to chase after their own dreams, and peruse their career dreams. Women have successfully changed the perspective of society and are now valued more than ever, as they have proved to be sufficient and efficient to the society. They have proven that they have more to give than just staying home and being a wife.


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