Free Custom «Sociology Observation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Sociology Observation» Essay Paper

< *Insert name of author* > was born 20 years ago in Cuba and brought up in accordance with the customs of his society, strictly observing the customs, mores and norms of the society. The parents and the society at large were a powerful force for socialization that ensured that his character was formed to be noble and highly industries. <* Insert name of author *> is married to < *Insert name of spouse* > and together they are blessed with a son who, by the time of this publication was two years old. The author takes pride in this institution of marriage especially due to the knowledge that marriage is an important structure of the society, and is proud to bring up the son in accordance to the expected societal norms.

The author cites several sources of motivation towards the accomplishment of the task of writing this book. It is worth to note that were it not for the contributions of various stakeholders who have enabled the success of this project, the project would have been a fail. A supportive spouse who has been of consistent guidance and a strong motivator ought to be congratulated. On the same note, there are several other people who have been vital assets in ensuring that the project is a success. The process of compiling all the needed information for the book to be informative was a long one, but with the help of various stakeholders, this was made possible.

It is the author’s belief that those that will use this book either as a course book or, for the purpose of expanding their scope of study, will find its material useful. The author believes that personal experiences that are extensively shared in some parts of these books are greatly important in shaping people’s opinions. It is the belief of the author also that those who shall use the book shall tremendously benefit as it shall go a long way in shaping their personal identity by positively influencing their subconscious. It is the belief of the author that the readers shall find it helpful.


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