Free Custom «Society?s Changes» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Society?s Changes» Essay Paper

Society is how a group of people who have harmonized themselves to live together. Society’s changes as economic, social, environment and political factors changes. Society is not static and is always dynamic. Society can exist in various level; locally, regionally, internationally

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Societies have had tremendous transformations from the early man, where the society at that lived upon hunting and gathering to the era of agrarian revolution which ushered in agriculture and influenced the socioeconomic aspet to human society. Today’s society is industrial and depends heavily on advanced technology to propel itself.

Society has transformed as a result of civilization. Civilization has made life better and easier through advance technology in science which has improved transportation, communication, and medicine. This has revolutionized the societies significantly.

Our society has remarkably changed, for instance, politically and culturally. Traditionally women were regarded to be housewives and not alllowed to participate in any sphere; politically, economically, but today’s woman is well-represented in all aspects of the society. They are active players in politics, commerce or economics and are competitive in the job marketplace as their men counterparts.

Today’s society is very advanced compared to the ancient man who used primitive technology. Today’s society is developing at rapid pace as a result of development in human capital and the enormous resources available to tap into foreseeable and feasible growth.


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