Free Essay Sample «Socialization»

Free Essay Sample «Socialization»

Socialization refers to a process where by values, beliefs, behaviors and attitude is enhanced into the members of a given society. The best example is how children are taught how to do things that are required for them. This happens spontaneously where by the children copy what the older people do in a given society. These things include the gender roles, language among other psychomotor developments like being able to feed by self, walk and run upright and response to sound commands. Genie was a case of a thirteen year old girl who had been isolated from people and the normal environment.

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Sills (2010) asserts that socialization is very important. When members of society an especially children are secluded from the rest of its members, they fail to learn crucial social values. In the case of Genie, she was kept alone indoors up to the age of over ten years. At thirteen years, Genie could not do many of the things that are expected of her in that society at that age.

It is the lacks of contact with other people probably her parents and other older members of that society that plays a very important role of creating complete human beings out of children through socialization. The older members act as models who the children copy the societal principles from.  Lack of contact with other people in society limits the children’s potential to grow into emotionally, psychologically, physically, and socially sound members of that particular society.

Lastly, Sills (2010) alluded that a sociologist by the name Mead identified stages through which children are socialized. These included the imitation stage, the play stage and finally the play stage. None of these stages is possible for a child that is secluded from other people around him or her.

In conclusion, socialization is a very important process in ensuring that desirable social values are passed on to the new generations. This is inevitable or else children will fail to develop into normal and independent people in society like in the case of Genie.


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