Free Custom «Social Work Training» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Social Work Training» Essay Paper

Assignment Brief

Title of Access to HE Diploma:  Social Work Training

Unit title(s):  Social Policy.

Individual and Society.






Title of Assignment: Essay: Write a 1500 word essay that analyses a range of key factors and sociological concepts that shape and influence the behaviours of individuals in society with reference to one specific case.



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for this Unit

The main task is to write an essay up to 1500 words.

The main task is to write an essay that addresses the following areas.

Task 1: Introduction to the major sections of the assignment.

Task 2: A section that evaluates the factors that influence how individuals learn their behaviour and attitude making reference to at least two contrasting theories. E.g Erickson and freud

Task 3: A section that analyses the wider social factors (Political, economic, social) that have shaped the life of an individual, with specific reference to the Case of Christopher Clunis? Using  the work Social constructionism Berger  and Luckman  to discuss how families bring up children in different religious, cultural and gender values that will have an important impact on how they developed their actions and insight. And also using Welsing (1991) and Fanon(1967) for the social and cultural factors, using Marxism and Althusser for the political factors and Finally Littlewood and Lipsede 1987 book on aliens and alienist for the religious factors.

Task 4: A section that analyses wider sociological factors (use two contrasting theories e.g Spencer or any other theorist) relevant to the individual case of Clunis.


Task 5: A conclusion that analyses the implications of the factors and theories.


Task 6: Full Bibliography of all the references used.

This is a provisional structure; students are encouraged to devise their own structure to address the demands of the criteria. 

Date set:  05.03.12

Date for draft submission

(if applicable):  14.04..12

Date for final submission: 25.04.12

Extension date 

(if agreed): 

Signed by Tutor/Assessor to agree extension: 




Learner declaration:  Plagiarism:  You are reminded that any work you submit for assessment must represent your own original work and not that of another person or student. You must give the full references of all sources from which you have reproduced any figures, diagrams or tables of data and have extracted substantial information. These sources include textbooks, Journals, and Internet Web Sites. Your work should be written in your own words. Substantial copying of information from textbooks or cutting and pasting information from Internet Web Sites is plagiarism. Copying the work of another person or student is also plagiarism. Plagiarised work will not be assessed.

This is my own original work:

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