Free Essay Sample «Social Wellness»

Free Essay Sample «Social Wellness»

The social dimension of wellness entails how a person takes part in the building of the environment and society. The social wellness puts emphasis on the contributions of an individual’s human and physical environment to the basic welfare of his or her society. Therefore, the social wellness insists on the interdependence with others and the environment. This can be achieved through having positive relations with one self and in the company of other people. This is environments such as the work places, and when having leisure (Sharon 16).

Social wellness is a dimension that is extremely vital in my day to day life due to the following facts;   socially isolated people are more likely to suffer from conditions such as stress, suicide at a rate that is three times higher than individuals who are socially active.  Second, people whose lives have a strong social network with their family members and friends are able to maintain in their stress that socially isolated people.

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For the social dimension to be achieved by a person, he or she needs to develop and build close friendships and relationship, practice empathy, and effective listening, fundamental friendships with the environment and eventually with the world at large. The path of social wellness is one that contributes to happiness and success in life. It’s better to take part to the general wellbeing of one's society that the welfare of only us, and that it’s better to live a harmonious life with the members of the community and the environment than to live in disagreement with them (Sharon 15).

 Social awareness can be improved by getting to know ones personal needs and desires and pursue things and people who care for your particular needs. Second, one can make contact and talk to the important people in ones life about various things such as the personal life experiences and finally and the most vital is the practice of self disclosure (Sharon 17).


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