Free Custom «Social Stratifications» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Social Stratifications» Essay Paper

The principle aim of the study is to investigate on Social Stratification welfare. This paper is divided in four parts, which include; introduction, discussion, conclusion, and work cited. The introduction part explains the meaning of social stratification and the bases under social stratification. Secondly, social stratification has been discussed in details under the discussion section; the discussion part is the main body of the research and is referred to as the literature review on the topic, social stratification. Welfare, a system in existence in the US has been included in the discussion. On the third section lies, the conclusion on issues discussed in the previous section i.e. the discussion section. The last section is the works cite which identifies all the references used to formulate the research in the second section, the discussion section.


The way different groups of people are placed in the society is referred to as social stratification. The status of people determines the society arrangement through many deferent bases. These bases include; wealth and income being the most common basis of stratification in the society, Social class, Ethnicity, Gender, Political status and Religion.

Open system referred to meritocracy; achievement of status facilitated by merits, and efforts. Welfare states have had an effect on the social structure in society.


The conservative social stratification has a social policy, which is mainly centered on preservation of social status in society. The welfare system is in use in the US, where there is existence of various forms of stratification in society. The foundation of Sociology is predated by sociologists. Western knowledge and philosophy has based the origin of social analysis. Some years later a philosopher named Confucius wrote the importance of social roles and responsibility. Sociology is evident in the Medieval Islam. First sociologists’ scholars were Islam from North Africa.

The development of sociology gives a powerful impetus by a sociologist named Conte. These e sociologists were devoted priest of positivism (Janowitz and Abbott 123).

Theoretically, contemporary discipline of sociology is multi paradigmatic. Modern sociological theory descends from foundation history of functionalist and conflict centered. Sociological theory preserves traces of all sociological approaches.

Little consensus about social framework causes a weak foundation about the frame work of sociological theories. However, present sociological theorizing consists of a number of broad paradigms in the discipline of human, social behavior. Social values referred to as paradigms and often shared with the humanities.

The social structure change from one person to another in relationships and patterns in the society. Dominant values dominate social policy. These include family issues, work and nation as per Fiona William. Policies built within the idea of the family as a man, woman and children. Child benefits and education included in the social stratification in the society. In Some countries, man is the head of the family, with support marriage is permanent, and women should not work, however, poor single mothers deviate from the norm, there they still remain part of the society.

Social protection in many systems depends on stable work record for basic cover in, ill health, old age and unemployment old age. Penalties like dismissal inflicted to workers who misbehave by striking and other unethical issues in the organization.

In many nations, discrimination against non-citizens observed while many have residence rules for benefits or services. Second class services set for immigrants in the society.

The word normal has a different meaning from the word average. This means the confirmation of social norms. A normal family will consist of two parents with one or more children. This it does not exist in developed countries. Several factors have contributed to this idea such as, ageing populations, this consists of the large number of house hold consists of elderly people without children. Secondly, there is the household fission caused by divorce among parents and earlier independence of children. Finally, there is the delay in undertaking childbirth bringing in single women or couples without children (Mau and Veghte 123).

Normal families seek reinforcement through Social policies. Rewarding normal conduct or penalizing circumstances is essential for a normal family in the society. Provision of the requirement to support the family discourages divorce. Assumption such as couple’s lives cheaper life than single people leading to two single people getting greater support, therefore, discouraging divorces.

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A rise in single parenthood based on factors such as divorce facilitated by the gain in stable finance, death and career by women who happen to be single parents in the society. This correlates with divorce in most families while unemployment is also another factor correlated with divorce. It stresses the family or marriage. There is no reason to explain the rise of teenage motherhood. Teenage motherhood acts like any other forms of motherhood tended to fall.

It is controversial for single parents to receive social benefits because when people chose to have children. It is their role to take care of them, and the family is a liberal individualism, however, children are other peoples business in happens to be dominant.

Teenage pregnancy has become more common in the society today for making women delay childbearing bearing in mind that, in the previous generation teenage pregnancy immoral (Schustereder 20). There are more reasons for delayed motherhood, and falling birthrates such as the effect the cost of raring children in urban society, women are changing their roles in society. However, delayed marriage due to modern education and female employment which may affect the economy if women dropped their jobs to have children has facilitated the issue of late motherhood and finally the availability of contraceptives in the society.

When factors do not apply, teenage pregnancy will increase in society. Apparent association of some social problems with teenage pregnancy accounted to assist in motherhood welfare. It is necessary to understand gender division in the society so as to understand social policy and social responsibility. Issues affecting women are part of the agenda which social welfare must tackle. Social policy argued as strongly gender on issues concerning Feminist critiques of welfare in the society.

Formal labor has incorporated people to acquire policies that deal with poverty and exclusion, social protection development. However, recently most people are only partly integrated into the labour market. Social inclusion implicated by economic marginality. Social instability in the society is caused by unstable economy while family breakdowns are associated with marginal employment and reduction of social protection availability.

Collective action by trade unions is the origin of many welfare systems rather than the state. It is true that welfare historically developed at a time of social conflict and labour organizations have an essential role in the policy development, including the establishment of social insurance.

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Shared history and culture linked to the Nation’s welfare. Collective group of people in the specific geographical location, with a common identity make up the nation. Social welfare historically became famous after the rise of nation states, and ideas closely associated.

Relative economic position is the definition of class as per Max Weber. There are economic differences between people depending on money owned. There are also many other economic groups that make it possible to distinguish people. These include employment status, or income such as salary, wage and fee they have. Understanding of class by Max Weber is terms of the economy. It has proved immensely useful to classify people through the use of occupational status in sociology analyses of other issues such as health inequality and educational disadvantage.


Weber describes the status as social esteem. People's social rank associated with their class, but some social roles may have high esteem but low resources.

Social dishonor associated with receipt of welfare. Stigma of pauperism is a classic example of social dishonor, the deliberate use of shame to stop people claiming from poor law. Rejection of the recipients of welfare occurs socially. People of low cost status seem disproportionately gain concern from social policies in the society facing rejection. This happens because client groups of social services tend to be people who already have low social esteem such as the poor, disabled, mentally ill people and single parents so on. The United States have adopted the liberal stratification welfare system that helps in checking the society. Receipt of social services may carry a stigma as a principle of institutional welfare intended to remove differences that degrading people personal life status.



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