Free Custom «Social Science» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Social Science» Essay Paper

Domestic service is one type of work for urban women as studied in the topic “labor and reform”. This work is normally done by women of the lower class in our society. Many women find themselves in this situation because they are not educated enough to seek employment. However, some are denied the opportunity due to cultural believes and political orientation. Moreover, the choice of this type of work is normally determined by economic situation that requires professionalism for someone to work out there. This is the main reason why there is a likelihood of finding many urban women in this type of work.

2. The Triangle Waist Company fire was a clear manifestation of the problems being faced by its workers. First, the environment in which they worked was not conducive at all. This is why some of the workers were caught up in the furnace. Second, the company did not motivate its workers. Instead, they forced them to work extra hours for meager payment.


(a)The two documents used in chapter 11, include leaving your dignity at the door: maternity in Wellington 1950 to 1970 by Jane and The female experience in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century by Conway, Jill.

(b)The article “Leaving your dignity at the door: maternity in Wellington” focuses on the suffering of women in Wellington. It also evidently portrays how women were denied their rights. The second article “The female experience in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century” mainly focuses on tow issues; female experiences as they fight for their status quo and the obstacles that they faced during post war period.


(a)Chapter 12 includes two documents. They include Radical social activism lay catholic women and American feminism 1920-1960 by Kathleen Carlton Johnson and Gilded Age Protest and Women Activists: Empowering Women Workers 1960 by Mary

Church Terrell.

(b) The document “Radical social activism lay catholic women and American feminism “addresses issues of feminist activism and the rights of women to vote. The article Gilded Age Protest and Women Activists: Empowering Women Workers also focuses on two major issues, women workers and efforts to empower women.

5. From the movie Iron Jawed Angles, it is evident that woman in United States were deemed to be inferior. However, efforts by Alive Paul and Lucy Buns bear fruits as they use effective strategies, dialogues and tactics to bring about revolution on feminism and give women the right to vote. Secondly, the movie shows the ill treatment of women. For example during the demonstrations, they opt to go on hunger strike. The government employs guards who force them to eat milk and raw eggs. Most of women are imprisoned. Thus, movie conveys issues about activism and their effort to ensure they are represented by women in elections.

6. The meaning of the film was to show the efforts done by women to fight for their rights such as being elected just like their fellow men.

7. Women carried out several employment prospects to improve their conditions. For example, women participated in the war directly or indirectly. They fought for their recognition in the society. Second, they contributed in a greater way in the agriculture sector. They were highly dependant by men who were in war field for agricultural production. They took care of the fields. In the military field, efforts by women were also witnessed. For instance, women were recruited as soldiers and in the military and trained. Thus, their contribution was notable.


(a)In chapter 13, Skinner uses two documents. These include: Progressive Era: Maternal Politics and Suffrage Victory by Smith (1950) and Caroline Dall, Women's Right to Labor.

(b)The document “Progressive Era: Maternal Politics and Suffrage Victory” deals with issues of feminist participation in politics and their efforts to gain victory. Thus, they were granted their rights especially in voting. The second article “Women's Right to Labor” focuses on issues related on the ill treatment of women in the working place and their rights to work not only in urban jobs but the better ones.



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