Free Custom «Social Life in the Castle» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Social Life in the Castle» Essay Paper

The castles of the middle ages depicted the aspirations and social needs of the society that constructed them for example, the Bailey and Motte castles. The castles were fortified walls and fortress that were constructed by medieval people in England, Middle East and Asia. The castles symbols of authority, power and wealth that showed how the rulers has social control over their subjects. Castle life during the medieval period was governed by feudal system that wielded a lot of power in that the lords lived comfortable life while the peasants had less comfortable life. The medieval castles life was dynamic in that it varied according to the s to social class and that the difference was severe. There were harsh and strict codes of conduct to everyday life. This code of conduct was centered on code of chivalry, courtly love and manners. The medieval castles were not quiet places but they were busy and noisy because many people lived in castle which depended on the social status of the Lord. They were always on the move because in that they used to settle in different castles.

There was clear social relationship within the castles because the Lord used to reside there. Because of the presence of the lord, it acted as an administrative centre from where he exercised his authority and controlled his lands. The lord relied heavily on the support of his subjects because without the help of tenants, it was easy for his power to be weakened. Large lordship could be immense and it was not easy for the Lord to visit all his properties therefore, he allotted deputies to help him. This was especially to the royalty who had had lands in diverse countries. There was also presence of house servants who assisted in daily chores like providing food to the Lord. The household was under the management of chamberlain while written records were taken off by the treasurer. The castles were social centers in the manner that they were vital places for display where builders and constructors took an opportunity to design and draw symbolic chivalry through the use of motifs.

Marriage was an important aspect in the castles. The medieval elites married within themselves in order for them to continue holding power and control. Boys were not allowed to marry until they had reached an appropriate age but girls could be married at teens. This because women played an important role in the medieval castle household. Women were generally excluded from military service and at times they could be in charge of castles. Women had much influence in the medieval castles therefore they could also influence the design and construction through patronage and their long residence in the castle. The culture of these people did not forbid adultery because the Lord could sleep with another woman even though he was married (Johnson, 2002).

Castles were not only place of administration and military forts but also they symbolized power, they had an impact on the surrounding landscapes around them. Those castles in the rural area were equipped with field and mills because of their roles in managing the estates of the Lord; this gave them influence over natural and human resources. The construction of new castle led to destruction of villages but it was the responsible for the growth of the same villages. The castles tried to establish a strong relationship with their neighbors so that peace could be maintained and they used them as military stronghold bases.


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