Free Custom «Social Interaction and Individual Behavior» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Social Interaction and Individual Behavior» Essay Paper

Interaction can be defined as an action that occurs as a result of two or more objects having an influence on one another. For instance, communication between two or more people, groups, or nations constitutes interaction. Depending on the environmental context, people interact for various reasons. Effective interaction is also a powerful problem-solving tool and helps one adapt to diverse environmental situations. This discussion expounds on the importance of interaction in a social setting.

First, I interact with people to be known and understood. Humans are social beings and, therefore, they hold the concept of socialization dearly in their hearts. They will want to know something about each other when they meet. Effective communication skills require that we first get to know the other person’s situation so that we can understand them better.

According to Maslow’s theory of needs, safety needs come second after the satisfaction of physiological needs. The environment presents varied safety risks to people. Positive interaction with other people instills a sense of belonging in an individual and this significantly reduces his/her level of anxiety and fear. The people who, for one reason or the other, have sour relationships with their neighbors carry a label as antisocial or even outcasts. These individuals find it hard to get help from others whenever they need it. They are not safe.

Effective communication skills entail being a good speaker and most importantly, being a good listener. Before one can efficiently make decisions, having a broad body of knowledge of information is very fundamental. This knowledge, or part of it, may be obtained from the people around us. However, this can only be achieved if you establish and maintain a warm and effective interaction with other resourceful persons.

Different people respond differently to various environmental contexts. The way they react to diverse settings can, to a greater extent, be attributed to the role played by interaction. Interaction, therefore, drives shapes and directs behavioral patterns. Most people with good interaction relations seek to behave in the right way at the right place, in the company of right people and at the due moment. It follows that behavior varies with time, people and place. The social environment keeps fluctuating. This requires that for one to remain in the fold, new adaptive strategies need to be adopted. Interaction offers one a stable foundation for launching these adjustment strategies.

However, in the whole process of interaction, conflicts are likely to arise. The society comprises of people with varying, sometimes clashing, views and opinions. Negative people and narcissists are difficult to deal with. Uncalculated involvement in these people’s affairs is most likely to frustrate and stress you out. Interaction enables us to understand these people and get to the root of their problems tactfully without unnecessarily sparking further misunderstanding. It also enables us to keep our ego in check and apply our emotional intelligence, both of which are essential ingredients for our health and mental freedom. We also mitigate situations that would otherwise have gone bad. This way, harmony is maintained in the society as a whole.

In conclusion, human beings are naturally social animals and, therefore, must interact to achieve various objectives. During this interaction, valuable information is exchanged. The society is made up of people who have varied personality’s e.g. negative people and narcissist. They are a problem that must be solved to mitigate conflicts. The information acquired when one interacts with them is requisite in enabling him/her deal harmoniously with this lot. Social interaction brings people together so that they understand one another better. This way, a strong sense of belonging/bonding is instilled in individuals so that they feel secure in such environment. Moreover, most social aspects keep on changing. Interaction enables one keep abreast with the latest trends, which helps him/her adjust accordingly to avert unnecessary conflicts.



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