Free Custom «Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?» Essay Paper

Gay marriage has been debated by many people in the world, being a homosexual should not be considered an abnormality or a violation of the values of the society, therefore should give others the freedom they deserve to choose what to be and who to date for this reason I saw gay marriage to be legalized. Although there are many states in the U.S. have accepted homosexual marriage, there still no symbol that California will continue permit it. Some people think it is the right for all human beings to marry whoever they want, while the others think this is not the case. In my opinion, all people, including same sex couples, should be allowed to get married legally by both emotional and principle reasons.

On one hand, homosexual people should be married legally because of the emotional reasons which are the natural emotion I feel as a human being.

Human are human beings because we have emotion. We can feel, think, love, and make decisions. For all people, love is a decision we feel and think about another people who are totally different from us. Love is so uncontrollable, and it is no doubt that it should be free for everyone. Bible has a clear definition about love which is:

Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not envy.

Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;

It is not self-seeking, nor easily angered.

It keeps no record of wrongdoing.

It does not delight in evil,

But rejoices in the truth.

It always protects trusts, hopes, and preserves.

There is nothing love cannot face;

There is no limit to its faith, hope, and endurance.

In a word, there are three things that last forever:

Faith, hope, and love;

But the greatest of them all is love.

There is nothing love cannot face, so there should be no blame for the homosexual people. They follow the voice coming from their truly inside, and it is brave. They love each other, so they want to get married. It is a natural human decision. We all know what marriages mean to the lovers. Belge figures out,

Yet, marriage is so much greater than the commitment of two people to each other. Marriage is an institution that much of our culture revolves around. It is also an institution that is in crisis.

Marriage is so important for everyone. If gays or lesbians are brave enough to get married, we should respect them, so why not give them a legal marriage?

Furthermore, everyone is free to choose their lovers, so does the partners. Decisions are made from the truly inside, and they are free.

Homosexuals are only one kind of human beings. They are just same as us except they love people who have the same sex as them. It is not a big deal for us to bear, because gays are already standing a lot. Thinking in homosexuals’ position, they are so poor. There are no completed laws to protect their rights because people still debate about their legal right in marriage. They only can get married legally in a few states, and laws in those states are still discussed. And, in the other states which are not permitted to give them legal marriage, they have no rights. All in all, this means although they can get married, they still do not have the marriage discount in car insurance, health insurance, and so on. They are treated as a different group not natural human. If we accept that they are human beings, why they cannot have the same rights just like us? “In many people’s views, gays are disgusting and guilty” (Harris 24). It may because of most people in America believe in god, and god said it is not right to love the same sex people. God does not see the poor position gays face now days, and god does not know a lot of things. In science, we should be atheist.

In my opinion, when we deal with the problems happened now days, we should be atheist too. Because god does not know how fast the real world have been changed, and how open the earth becomes. Gods does not protect us from the Financial Crisis, and gods can not save people in the Haiti Earthquake. Gods are not humans like us. We are humans, so we can see how pity the homosexual group of people is. We are humans, so we can make decisions to help them to get the legal rights especially marriage. Legal marriages for gays are not dangerous as Financial Crisis. So, after we handle about the big financial crisis in the states, why we cannot stand about the same sex marriages?

On the other hand, I think we should accept same sex marriages because of the principle reasons which are laws policies and what happened in the states which accept gay marriages.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton supports the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and supports the rights of gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.” It hurts all of our troops, and this, to me, is a matter of national security," she said to a group of HRC supporters. Then, in 2009, President Obama agrees with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Shalikashvili and other military experts that we need to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. The key test for military service should be patriotism, a sense of duty, and a willingness to serve. Discrimination should be prohibited. The U.S. government has spent millions of dollars replacing troops kicked out of the military because of their sexual orientation. The President will work with military leaders to repeal the current policy and ensure it helps accomplish our national defense goals. Moreover, President Obama believes that we must ensure adoption rights for all couples and individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation.

He thinks that a child will benefit from a healthy and loving home, whether the parents are gay or not. However, although Barack Obama has said that he supports civil unions, he is against gay marriage. In an interview with the Chicago Daily Tribune, Obama said, "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman." Obama did vote against a Federal Marriage Amendment and opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. He said he would support civil unions between gay and lesbian couples, as well as letting individual states determine if marriage between gay and lesbian couples should be legalized. In conclusion, legal right for homosexual marriage is made by all American citizens. Although different president have different opinions, they will not affect the laws. It is a good new, because that means we are the decision makers. If most of us agree that gays and lesbians should have legal marriage, they will get it.

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Furthermore, I have looked at the policies made in the states which accept the gay and lesbian marriage. America has 50 state, and currently in five of them: New Hampshire, Connecticut, Lowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Washington D.C. marriages for same-sex couples are legal and currently performed. While in California, same-sex marriages were performed between June 16, 2008 and November 4, 2008, after the California Supreme Court held the statutes limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples violated the state constitution; however, the California electorate then approved a voter initiative that reinstated the ban on same-sex marriage as part of California's constitution. The California Supreme Court upheld the voter-approved constitutional ban.

Today, all same-sex unions are given the benefits of marriage under California law, although only those performed as marriages before November 5, 2008 are granted the designation "marriage". Moreover, In New York, Rhode Island, and Maryland, same-sex marriages are recognized, not performed. In the past a few months, many parades were made in the rainbow street which is the symbol centre of all gays in California. Although there is still no symbol that California will accept gay marriage again, movements do made by the homosexual people. At least, they could move some people to vote for them. As I figured out above, decisions are made by the normal people. As a result is if gays and lesbians can change the view some people see about them, they can get legal marriage in California and the development of the whole country.

In conclusion, homosexual people are one kind shown of human beings. Although they are a special group of people, they still need to have the fair rights as the normal people especially marriage. By thinking about love, feeling about their poor situation faced in the past, and researching the laws and rights they got in some of the states, I want to say please let them get married legally. Marriage is important for everyone, and should be free for each couple. Gods bless America, and gods please bless these poor homosexual people!



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