Free Custom «Scholar-Practitioner » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Scholar-Practitioner » Essay Paper

Multitudinous biases can be found in different aspects such as cultural norms for color, location of body parts, concept of justice etc. a bias against women can be supported by a culture debasing women. This sort of bias could be accomplished by several people against an individual or by individual against a group.

Reading English sources people could notice that it is wide-spread to look through a visual space from top to bottom and from left to right. For example the United States are on the “top” position while United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia are on the “bottom” (Shea, 2009).

Cross-cultural research comes across various methodological, moral and ethical challenges. Speaking about comparative methodic cross-cultural research it is necessary to mention three basic problems. One of them is choice of basis for cross-cultural research of values. Another problem is selection of basic method of researching. One more important problem is connected with providing appropriate transmission of sense dealing with people in different cultures. Each of these problems is worth to be discussed (Iemmola, 2009).

In order to discover what the difference between values of various cultures is, it is very important to understand what points will be compared. Many researchers suppose that all cultures can be differenced by crucial values’ dilemmas. These dilemmas are basis of comparing and they should be universal, invariant categories. They have to be similarly understood and applied in different cultures (Roughgarden, 2004).

It should be mentioned that in most cases cross-cultural researches show insignificant differences and notice more similarities than differences in values of diverse cultures.

It is important to remember for a scholar practitioner that people can understand words differently in other cultures that is why it is necessary to pay enough attention to proper translation.



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