Free Custom «Rhetoric & Stereotypes» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Rhetoric & Stereotypes» Essay Paper

Various innuendos and misconceptions about other people develop when some individuals start to believe in a certain opinion or idea about the individual or group. In most cases, these opinions and ideas are either untrue or is an oversimplification of the various characteristics that are associated with that group. As human beings, we are all different in ways that make it possible for every individual to be considered a unique character rather than a member of a stereotyped group. Examples of stereotyped groups include feminists, politicians, tattooed persons and senior citizens.

All feminists are often accused of trying to live inside the world of men, something that cannot happen (Dolan, 2009). According to Sanbonmatsu (2007), a politician is stereotyped as a man rather than women. The fact that feminist movements are headed by women does not mean that all women to subscribe to these views. People with tattoos are often accused of trying to be the center of attention. The issue of tattoo, according to Rothenberg (1996), is typical of many other issues that the society leaves out for regulation by unspoken rules. Every society has an inventory of such types of rules.

Additionally, the younger generation tends to stereotype people of a certain age. The most common stereotype affects senior citizens. Younger people tend to think that all senior citizens are very slow drivers. In other words, stereotyping manifests itself when the thought that “what is true of a certain group of things that are taken collectively is automatically true of these same things taken individually” take root in the society.

Stereotyping can manifest itself in any aspect of human lives. It is very important for people to form opinions that are based on all the available facts rather than relying on the things that other people perceive to be the truth, or merely partial information.



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