Free Essay Sample «Of Mice and Men »

Free Essay Sample «Of Mice and Men »

Steinbeck is an American writer who has written a story during the great depression in America. The novel is perhaps among the best American literature which paints a picture of great depression and its impacts through its main characters, George Milliton and Lennie small. The novel makes critical commentary on the lives and times of the people during this period. Ironically these are the people who have ordered various master pieces of literature. Of mice and men The ?of Mice and Men? portrays hope and desperation of men and women during the great depression. The writer demonstrates how people struggled to look for opportunities? for materials and success during the depression. The novel revolves around the events of that period and has come to be considered one of the greatest literary documents of that time. The novel explores several themes ranging from the decline of the American dream to the moral and ethical hollowness that characterized the lives of the rich. It also reflects the life of Steinbeck himself as many of the events within the book were based on his real life. The story is a rich novel that explores many diverse subjects through the characters and illustrates in depth both the inner conflict that was tormenting Steinbeck as well as the functioning of the society of that time. The narrative of Mice and Men shows the dream of the two gentlemen trying to look for land to settle down and not to go town life where because of his characters Lennie attempted rape when he touched a woman?

s dress. However the dream to own land is curtailed when Lennie accidentally kills a wife of Curly, the son of the ranch owner. The murder of Curly wife is due to accidental where Lennie was trying to stroke her hair. Curl the ranch owner is leads among to look for Lennie however; George decides to kill Lennie by shooting him from the back to help him die a quick death other than die a brutal death. This narrative shows how disillusionment resulting from blind pursuit of material wealth result to a tragedy. The character of Milton and Lennie shows a young for wealth and have good status which eventually is killed by a love soft things. Lennie?s pursuit was not wealth but soft things, this why he able to stroke the hair of another man?s wife. Steinbeck in the book talks of the dreams of two gentlemen and how the dreams are shuttered. George has a dream of owning a land, becoming independent and become a well known person in the society. However his friend Lennie has a dream of having a touch for soft things and is near George. The wife who is killed by Lennie has dreams of going back to her desire of becoming an actress, a dream of her childhood. Other characters like Candy think of showing responsibility while Crooks hopes to have homestead where he will be respected and have security. Fate he shown in the book as the two gentlemen George and Lennie are not able to attain their dreams or aspiration.

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This is because Lennie dies before George attain his land. Of Mice and men explores thus a variety of subjects in a very ironical and at certain times cynical manner that reflect George?s own disappointment in the great depression and its corruption of the American dream and his fatal blind fascination with both that he only found out about when it had already consumed him. Thus, the story ?Of mice and Men? is one that is rich in symbolism and allegory and hence is open to multiple ways of interpretation. The simplest message of this story is that man is always tempted to dreams that may be not be achievable at times, and when he falls, he might be forced to endure horrible lonely experiences. George describes the importance of the American dream in relation to the development of the individual. The independence in the story refers to the future and the significance of the American dream in the future of the Americans is essential since the whole culture is based on the idea that anything is possible if just worked hard for. The loss of that would mean a loss of a significant defining aspect of the American identity. In these words Steinbeck describes how people try moving forward but find themselves tied to their past and their past affects their future which was George?s main fault. He was unable to let go of his past and let it haunt him and dictate the terms and conditions of his dream which meant it was essentially corrupted and therefore doomed. When an individual attempts to base his whole life on the pursuit of an obsession that is self-destructive his gains and achievements become from there corrupted and hence whatever that specific person accomplishes in terms of finance or social ranking, it is of no moral value as it was essentially based on an illusion which is why George?s end was so disappointing. The novel reads at first glance as a sad love story of a man who spent his life trying to look for land but disappointed by his friend. The main theme of the novel is about the emptiness that characterizes the George?s dream at that period of his life felt it to be. The writer depicts this era as a time of moral decay and social hypocrisy where all that matters is appearances and financial pursuit. The obsession with parties and superficiality led however to the corruption of the dream since the obsession with money made other ethical and moral standards fade away in importance which lead to the unhappiness of the individual. Steinbeck?s ?Of Mice and Men? is considered one of the greatest novels produced in America. Of Mice and Men? is also famous and controversial not only for its theme but for the treatment and representation of women in the novel. Before describing Steinbeck's portraiture of wealth, it has to be noted that the novel was written during a period in USA when there is great depression that made people poor.

The realities of the time should be understood so that it is easier to understand why Steinbeck had portrayed the depression as such in his novel. There is but a very limited participation of women throughout the novel, this is actually crucial because it shows how women were often disregarded, their opinions and thoughts not really regarded as relevant. The first mention of a woman is the wife of Curley who is killed. She had abandoned her career to be a wife and later admires to go back. Many may criticize Steinbeck for giving the great depression much attention, particularly in terms of how it affected people in the story. Yet one cannot be certain as to the author?s intent without taking a pause and probing deeper. Steinbeck?s views are not necessarily his. Steinbeck may have intended to use Lennie as a farcical character to criticize or satirize the attitude of some characters and people during depression towards wealth creation. He may also be trying to illustrate that Lennie is both ignorant and wise. A reader who fails to place the novel in the context of the time would doubtless be enraged at how Lennie has been portrayed as witless, useless and unwise character compared to George. But Steinbeck redeems himself when the reader begins to remove the outer layers to reveal the author's true intentions.


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