Free Custom «Native Americans in a Globalized World » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Native Americans in a Globalized World » Essay Paper

The Native Americans are identified as the Indians who occupied the American land before its invasion by the white Europeans. The Indians had their traditional ways of life and were engaged in a harmonious interaction with the environment for their cultural, economic, and political systems. However, the invasion of the Europeans impaired the Indians’ lifestyles as they were seen to be inferior and outdated. The Europeans introduced new cultures, new economic activities and new systems of governance. As a result of introduction of the new lifestyles by the Europeans, the Indians were alienated, scattered and changed in various ways from their native practices, although some held dear to their native lifestyles. Well, with the globalization, the Native Americans can be located scattered throughout the world in varied social cultural, economic and political lifestyles.

The Native Americans are today found in a majorly different setup of socialization that has been brought about by the globalization. Evidently, globalization influenced the socialization of different people from all over the world especially for the purposes of improving business as well as financial activities. Of course, the Native Americans were not involved in business that was money oriented. As a matter of facts, the Native Americans were involved in economic activities such as hunting, fishing, and farming. It is difficult to trace the Native Americans in such an economical setup as was evidenced in the time before the globalization. Although there are still some who practice farming, fishing and hunting, but the global economy of today’s world leads to integration of such activities with other foreign activities.

The Native Americans who are still found practicing the traditional ways of economic activities are barely doing it for the purposes for which they were formerly meant for; they are merely doing them for showcasing purposes. It is, therefore, hard to locate the Native Americans in such an economic system set up in today’s global world as the term nativity would exclusively need.

One can trace Native Americans today in the cities of the United States, and other places of the world. Globalization attainment to the Native Americans meant that they were robbed off their land and hunting grounds, and they had to find their way into the cities so that they could keep pace with changing economic trends globally. Globalization has had an impact of changing the world into a global village with integration of people from all over the world especially into the cities. Therefore, one can find Native Americans in cities around the world, in India, the entire Europe, Latin America, and as far as the depth of African cities.

A good number of Native Americans can be located in India today. Most of the Red Indians found in India were located to these places by the settling of the European colonizers. The Native Americans found in India have been able to maintain their Native Lifestyles such as the endowed social responsibility of individuals as well as beliefs to some degree. Native customs can also be traced in these people. Even with globalization, somehow some of the Native Americans customs and beliefs have withstood the test of time and can be located amongst the Indians living in India.

In the global world, today, there has been the development of Indian studies by the Indian tribes in most of the colleges, in the west. Although the aim of training Indian languages in the said colleges is to promote the appreciation of the Indians as the natives of America, one has a high possibility of finding some Native Americans of the Indian tribes in such colleges. Again the Indians found in the colleges teaching Indian language can only be traced to be natives of America just by the blood linage but not by any notable attributes as globalization has influenced most of their lifestyles, culture and economic practices.

Notable of the presence of Native Americans can be traced in the tourist centers and museums. Although the aim of such places is to showcase the heritage of the Native Americans, one can still appreciate their presence even at a time when globalization has taken hold of them. Amongst the public buildings, there are those that have decorated their front yards in motives of the old Indians, and they strong communicate the presence of these Native Americans in the global world of today.

Even in the lands where the Indians were evicted by the White settlers, there are traces of these native people. In Pennsylvania, Georgia, and other home lands of the Native Americans, Indian languages are spoken. These must be the Native Red Indians with their culture still evident. They reside, work, and keep playing their native games right in the hearts of their motherland. Globalization has not even been able as yet to displace these people from their native lands. It is can be argued that the Indians were migrated from places like Pennsylvania to places like Idaho and Oklahoma, yet there are those that persisted against all odds and are traced located in their native lands.

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Many Indians were reserved in places like Indiana, Canada, Wisconsin, Ohio, Idaho, Kansas, and Oklahoma by the Europeans and they can be located there in their immense number today. Although globalization has penetrated into these areas, the Indians retain their dominance in these areas and are bonded together, probably by the strong ties of the hardships they endured over the time together. Ties of the Indians from these places with those in India and other places of the world are seen even with the evidenced globalization.

The Native Americans philosophy and lifestyles have incorporated the ideologies of democracy. This is, however, not too obvious with the lifestyles and philosophy of the White. In the United States, the governance is highly biased to favor the white as the Red minorities are shunned. The white dominance is something that is felt to be an intrusion to a well-established democracy, practiced by the natives. It is, however, sad that the dominating white are also dominating and seemingly driving the new world order through which the globalization is encroaching the world over. Although it can be argued that the Indians’ voice is not heard in the American politics, yet these natives are present, even in the American politics.

Many native people of America have retained their languages and ties with their Indian homes or reservations, but the globalization pose difficulties for this. In the majority, of the urban areas of America today, there are crucial representations of the Indians who are speaking their native languages. Such groups of the Indians have had struggles in maintaining their native identity especially due to the historical negative stereotyping that is still felt today. Evidently, the presence of the Native Americans in the cities today deserves appreciations because it shows that they did not disappear in totality; they can be located in the cities even with the globalization.

The Native Americans can now be located scattered throughout the world in varied social cultural, economic and political lifestyles. The Native Americans can be seen today showcasing their traditional life styles and economic activities. The Native Americans can be located in cities around the world where they are maintaining some of their identities such as language. Therefore, even with the globalization, the Native Americans can still be located.



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