Free Custom «Money and Fame» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Money and Fame» Essay Paper

Our contemporary society is faced with challenges in establishing the link between individual transformation and the societal transformation. In contemporary terms, the sense of self and the quality of being ungrounded coupled with insecure construct is all contributed by a sense of want. Usually, people do not comprehend the origin of this bumpy feeling. Everyone makes an effort to resolve this discomfort in ways which have consequently turned out to be catastrophic (Lavelle, 2005). Apparently, people will never have enough time, fame and money. Fame and money tend to be a certain kind of symbolic reality through which people endeavor to fill up the sense of lack. Every person in the society is preoccupied with tomorrow because it appears like the lack amongst people will be resolved in the future (Lamont, 1992). Thus, this essay seeks to assert that money and fame are the basic goals that are ideally thought to bring satisfaction to people and the society at large.

The obsession with fame and money is more than a problem of a specific individual. It is clearly evident that the whole society is stuck in it. The economic system in the society institutionalizes greed. There are quite a number of factors that contribute to the state of affairs in the society. The pursuit of fame and money takes place at all levels affect race and militarism. Militarism and racism have been key factors in institutionalizing ill will. Moreover, the corporate media has also emphasized on fame and money and thereby institutionalizing delusion. The collective sense of being singled out of the biosphere is founded on ecological crisis. Personal awakening that people experience in the society remains entirely incomplete until it is supplemented through social awakening (Lamont, 1992). The social awakening realizes the significance of reacting to the institutionalized causes of suffering resulting from lack and in the pursuit of fame and money.

People are badly in need of money and fame. There is a mad craving for money and fame in the society. These two elements are thought to be the gateway to having power in the society. It is amazing how money and fame earn power. The power that is earned consequently multiplies money that later translates to more fame. This becomes a loop in which people live. It is a trap that has held people captive (Lamont, 1992). Unfortunately, people have all been going through this cycle without getting anywhere. Thus, the role of money and fame in the society is all muddled. Fame and money have been sought to gain power; power that has led to the emergence of more money and fame. This is the main reason as to why money and fame are being sought in the contemporary society. Despite being very much essential for basic needs, the role of money has gotten into uncontrollable limits (Lavelle, 2005). Money has initially been used for comfortable dwelling but when the comfort has been achieved, fame emerges out of such a situation. However, money is not necessarily a prerequisite to fame.

Amongst people in the society, an individual seeks to have an identity. This identity is often sought through money and fame. It later turns out that people are no longer looking for money to live comfortably but to continue building and nurturing their acquired status. The role of money gradually changes and adds onto the impact of fame in creating and developing people’s identity in the society. People literary live for their acquired status. People actually need money and fame to win trust and for the reason of maintaining honor and the acquired position in the society (Lavelle, 2005). Despite their importance, money and fame are crossing the basic limits. Therefore, money and fame have utterly changed and have now taken adverse roles. Joy cannot merely be found in these luxuries. Contentment in life is what matters. However, money and fame do not seem to contribute to this. Fame and praise do not have life in them. Life can only be found in self satisfaction. Therefore, fame does not really lead to having a sense of life. Life is found in peace and both money and fame have contributed to less of this.

The question therefore, remains, what is the role of fame and money in our society? Many people have initially thought that they will lead to fullness of life. However, the motive in this pursuit has suddenly changed with the need for power and control. Fame appears to be a very powerful force. It is a very huge and visible professional triumph. It is the way to the good side of the velvet ropes of life (Lavelle, 2005). The people who win in the society are often granted access, wealth, power, recognition and other important elements to live life in an extraordinary way. Some say that fame converts industriousness to success. Fame is very special and a number of people will put every effort to earn it. Fame is a force of life and is always different for each individual instead of something that can be given a definition. In actual sense, fame is far much beyond money. However, fame can deliver wealth and money as one of its many benefits. For instance, fame can be used to get a lot of things which cannot be acquired through money (Lamont, 1992). Fame is occasionally founded on showmanship.

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Successful seekers of fame make use of the entertainment industry techniques and concepts to promote their lives. It admits people into the super elite group of the society. In many instances, fame has also been used to determine who excels and who does not succeed. Fame is therefore an unbeatable competitive edge in any sector of life and industry. Fame is a point of getting maximum actions and results. It propels an individual’s position in the society to a higher one (Lavelle, 2005). However, the challenge remains in maintaining that position. Money is needed to sustain this position. Therefore, there is much more function that money plays in maintaining a famous position. Hence, the role of fame and money is evident. They are used to satisfy and quench an unending desire in people and the society as a whole.



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