Free Custom «Modern Man» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Modern Man» Essay Paper

The world we live today is different from the one our forefathers lived a few decades ago. This has been characterized by advancement in science and technology for effective adaptation and improvement of living conditions under the sun. Human advancement has brought changes in lifestyle, career development through education and shifting labor market trends: these have come with some form of social dynamism on the whole system of human existence. The various elements that constitute a society need to reorganize and readjust appropriately to counteract these forces that weaken a state of balance and status quo.

The emergence of the modern man is as a result of social changes that make him different from the early man. The modern man has adopted a new mode of lifestyle that is distinct from that of early man in various dimensions. Initially one was supposed to do particular things according to the way the society dictated and not ones wish. But today this has changed; that it calls upon one to make their own decisions without the influence of significant others.

Education as an integral factor in social change has played an important part in building the modern man. Comparing the number of girls joining learning institutions and that of boys, statistics indicate a great disparity. The numbers of girls out win that of boys thus opening higher employment chances to girls in relation to boys. Consequently prolonged period of schooling makes the male child not fully be in a position to bear the responsibility of fatherhood due to lack of identity and independence at the ages between 24 and 30 years.

The influence of economy and the need to compete in this superfast world in most developing nations is the other factor that enhances the existence of modern man. Most young men are striving to further their studies so that they can obtain a good career that will provide personal fulfilment. They spend most of their time in establishing what they feel is their intrinsic potential and try to develop their talents. These hinder them from engaging in early marriages and family responsibilities while yet productive. Statistic indicates that the number of unmarried men at age 25-34 is on the increase compared to the past years.

The current labour market trend is so uncertain that the pre-adults must develop a mechanism on how to cope with these escalating changes. Most of them are forced to advance their academic qualifications and training in many courses so that they can increase their chances in employment opportunities from a broader perspective. This according to psychologist Erik Erikson leads to lack of identity and role confusion because one does not know what he or she wants to achieve in life in terms of career development. All these require one to have finance in order to achieve a good and satisfying career in the market.

Change in the social structure and lifestyle is as a result of technological advancement in the 21st century. The computer era has a great impact on the diffusion of culture and weakening of social bonds found in a family. Most young people through the internet adopt the Western culture that infringes the values, norms and beliefs of the society. Today they engage in things like computer games and interacting with their peers thus hindering the process of establishing identity and maturity. In contrast to today’s men, early men engaged in things such as hunting, fishing and sporting activities that helped them develop an aspect of identity and self awareness to take adult responsibilities.

Lack of strong attachment relationship between parents and children can influence the attainment of identity and role performance in young people. Many parents do not have time to share with the young men on how to face life challenges. The boy child should relate with the father figure who through socialization process helps him learn fatherhood responsibilities in the family. The same role orientation should be impacted on the girl child through the mother figure

In conclusion the concept on modern man is socially constructed depending on the way of life in a given society and therefore the changing social roles and responsibilities become the greatest challenge of a young man, in addition to environmental factors.



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