Free Custom «Mixed Flavors» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Mixed Flavors» Essay Paper

Most of the students enrolled in colleges today have a high population of mixed races however this was unusual before in United States but the nation is in the centre of demographic change this changes are facilitated by migration and intermarriage. One out of seven marriage unions in United States compose of partners of dissimilar races and different ethnicities. The multiracial and multiethnic American is declared as nation with the most upcoming demographic groups. Several youthful adults belonging assorted backgrounds are turning down the issue of color lines this matter had influenced American for ages in support for sense of belonging. The multiracial population is gaining power due to their fast upcoming numbers this has helped them affirm to their roots that were once reflected as dreadful and also disgraceful (Susan, 2011).

An individual should accept the race he belongs to without being prejudiced since one has freedom to admit or reject. Many people aren’t sure how multiracial will affects the nation in future this has yielded positive results in America by ensuring that there are no traces of racism, programs such as affirmative action and also discrimination. After several researches done by sociologists they concluded that multiracial individuals can bring about change since interracial partners are well educated and also have huge income. The intermarriage was revealed as difficult between blacks and white this brought about long-term separation in terms of economy and socialization. The earliest white settlers intermarried with Native Americans and had kids with them the result of this mixed race population (Susan, 2011).

The 2000 census conducted accepted an individual to mark one or several races and the outcome of this census was that about 2.4 percent of the population reported to belong in several race. After many years the emergence of multiracial alternative has opted for choice of only one race for example white mothers who had biracial children brought up the motion that their children being allowed to check only one race and the number of multiracial population increased up to 35 percent but several researchers believe that the census and other review conducted underestimated the mixed populace.

People are overwhelmed increased number of mixed-race American population might result to fewer stigmas for the mixed-race and they can be appreciated positively in nation. The debate concerning Mr Obama accepting himself as black despite being offspring of multirace of both black and white has raised several issues but the main concern is the degree of acceptance in a individual has .Despite Mr Obama being considered as black or even multiracial president this should not be the cause of conflict among citizens and avoid racial discrimination in the society (Susan, 2011).

The emergence of mixed race in America was not only seen colleges but also in several events such as politics, business and also sports. This ethnically vague population is ever present in movies, television shows and also in several adverts. The mixed-race has dominated many things especially news, social networking and dating Web sites concentrates in enticing its spectators. Some students groups have participated in conferences and also mixed-race movie festivals in order to enhance appreciation of the group in the society. The racial and ethnic classification is termed by many people as insignificant but this has helped in racial stastics in assessing various departments such as health, education, employment and also housing.

This group qualifies for unique consideration as members of the undermined and unnoticed group in the society .The multiracial population is determined in ranks of races and it’s categorized by how many individuals can fill the questioners concerning the numbers in every racial column. The difficulties multiracial population fear is reduction is multiracial category may lessen several blacks, Asian, American and also Indian in authorized administration counts (Susan, 2009).



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