Free Custom «Longtime Californ» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Longtime Californ» Essay Paper

The longtime Californ is an article that seeks to reveal the history of the experiences of the ethnic groups in California (Nee and Nee, 1972). In addition, it also presents the roles of the ethnic minorities within the cities of the Pacific Coast.

The article explains the emotional story of San Francisco’s Chinatown which is the largest Chinese community within the United States. The author has explained this by using the life history of the people living in these cities; for instance Tom Yuen, who explained that they lived like prisoners. They had no freedom to go where they wanted, they ate their meals standing, their mails were inspected before being sent and this left them with no privacy. Moreover, the authors have used the commentaries of these people to explain the development of the American Chinese community. Tom says that in the village people were trying to live on nothing but cut down on the meat. He further explains that if families had a lot of children, the parents were selling the youngest ones so they could sustain the family.

The answer is satisfactory as voices of the people interviewed ranging from the garment workers to the youths and the local politics give a comprehensive history that reveals the immigration problems that are experienced by people living in small areas and minimal resources. It is apparent from the article that Chinatown is a community that is created and hugely isolated from the rest of the society due to racism, language barriers as well as fear of Chinese labor. Evidently, the people of China had to struggle in an attempt to overcome the hardships, such as the movement of the anti-Chinese labor. This is so as they would be able to attain equality in the American society.


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