Free Essay Sample «Laws and Social Issues»

Free Essay Sample «Laws and Social Issues»

Racial discrimination is when an individual be it consciously or unconsciously restricts or favors another individual in the basis of their race, color, national origin or ethnicity. Racial discrimination may also involve treating others in a different way depending on their race or even denying them some services, things they were entitled to get or opportunities because of their political, social, color or ethnic origins. According to the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, racial discrimination have negative effects such as preventing others from enjoying their human rights, or their fundamental freedom be it economically, politically, culturally or socially among other effects (Lérner, 1980).

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Racial discrimination may take various dimensions and the efforts to unleash the mystery behind the behavior have seen many countries come up with laws or legislations that prohibit racial discrimination. For instance in 1975, Tunisia came up with a clause in their constitution that outlined strong penalties to anybodywho is convicted of racism. In addition, Sweden is another country whose new constitution contains a clause that prohibits racism and adopts laws that protect the minority from discrimination (Lérner). Tonga, Australia and Syria among other nations are examples of countries that have named racial discrimination as a criminal offence (Lérner, 1980, p. 196).

As a solution to this social issue, laws should be enacted to alleviate this social evil and many governments and non governmental organizations have come up with laws and policies that discourage discrimination.  A case study released in the book United States Ignorance Only HIV/aids, Human Rights and Federally Funded Abstinence-only Programs in the United States Texas have very good legislations that may be put into practice to alleviate discrimination. For instance, it states that children have a right to seek, receive and impart information of all kind and that all persons have equal rights before the law and equal protection of the law. This equality prevents the government fromm arbitrarily making distinctions among classes of persons in promulgating and enforcing laws. Therefore, necessary all necessary laws should be put in place to alleviate discrimination of all kind. Governments and any other non-governmental organizations or relevant institutions should enforce the laws the have already enacted and introduce new ones in order to completely fight this threatening social evil of discrimination.


Racial discrimination is one of the social behaviors that affect the society and that affect the society either directly or indirectly. The above article has clearly discussed the social effects of racial discrimination and the laws that have been put in place to cab it and what needs to be done that has not been done to prohibit racism. Racial discrimination one of the social forces that are beyond the scope of human beings but in this essay we have all our attention drawn towards what racial discrimination entails, effects, how it has been dealt with and the most effective solutions to the problem.


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