Free Essay Sample «Interpersonal Conflict»

Free Essay Sample «Interpersonal Conflict»

Over the past years, conflicts have been part of our lives in maintaining healthy relationships. Negotiation is a diplomatic way of resolving conflict by weighing the terms of the parties involved. This guides them in their actions and conducts in accordance with its ethical standards and basic values. According to Wilmot, negotiations should be fair in order to avoid conflict from the parties involved. In addition to this, the losing side will always feel unsatisfied; therefore, both parties should play by the rule so as to avoid conflict after losing. To begin with, it is difficult to accept defeat; however, one should give way to the winner, and accept defeat honorably.

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Conflict resolution is not a matter of what or not do, rather it must consider processes and procedures as much as substance. It must define properly how we should decide and choose between right and wrong instead of making a choice on what either good or not, and what is evil or not evil. Competition will always complicate conflict and probably lead to fights. For example, people are fond of football teams, and would bet for money just to prove how confident they are in the teams they support. It is obvious that there must be a winning team, and this brings disappointment and depression to the bet loser. In the past, there have been cases where people commit suicide due to denial of their defeat. According to William, collaboration is meant to help determine whether the decision is fair, just, or equitable. On the other hand, transformation helps the loser accept defeat and avoid conflict. The virtue approach allows one to question whether the decision supports integrity of character, and allows public policymakers to make decisions that affect social change and justice.

In conclusion, it is clearly evident that interpersonal conflicts are solved through negotiation and as a result, lead to an understanding, closeness and mutual respect. Additionally, conflicts are there to strengthen bonds in relation and bringing people together.


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