Free Custom «Illegal Border Crossing and Human Smuggling in US» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Illegal Border Crossing and Human Smuggling in US» Essay Paper

For quite a number of years, United States has been encountering a problem of illegal border crossing and human smuggling. Due to this fact, Illegal immigrants have formed a large percentage of American population. However, this problem has been worsened in the United States mainly as a result of economic reasons. There are many avenues where individuals can find a large number of jobs even though the recent past has observed a slight slump in the country’s economy. In the United States, there are several employers who employee illegal immigrants since these immigrants are paid much less when compared to the legal immigrants or even country’s residents (Espenshade, 1995).

In addition to this, a better living standard is provided by the United States when compared to the home countries of these illegal immigrants thus this is the main reason as to why individuals immigrate to US. The nastiest issue is that illegal immigration is encouraged by some neighboring countries since these migrants can send a lot of money back to their home countries. Furthermore, the process of visa application takes a lot of time hence this has been the main reason for individuals to come illegally in the country (Dauvergne, 2008). Additionally, security and immigrant officers at the borders have also facilitated illegal bordering by receiving money and allowing people to enter the country illegally.

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However, despite the fact that illegal immigrants in United States come from both neighboring and all other countries across the world, Mexico is the leading country with a lot of Mexican living in United States illegally. The Mexicans who enter the country illegally are mostly business men and women, and drug dealers who come to seek market within United States.

Due to increased illegal border crossing and human smuggling in the United States, there are several laws which have been implemented so as to help in the reduction of the problem. These laws are aimed at punishing anybody who is proved to have been involved in illegal immigration (Zhang, 2007). Furthermore, security organizations have been formed so as to ensure that there is maximum security along all borders and within the country. Many different agencies and military including immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been developed with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol being the main body. These bodies have worked closely with neighboring countries particularly Mexico and citizens towards ensuring that illegal immigration is stopped. Since the development of these security agencies and cooperation between military, security agencies and citizens the degree at which illegal immigrants enter United States has been reduced.


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