Free Custom «Humanitarian Aid» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Humanitarian Aid» Essay Paper

This article is about the need for humanitarian assistance to all third world countries. The article is a critique of Peter Singer’s article “America’s Shame.” Focus has been placed on the needs of developing countries and the need to receive assistance. America for example has been referred to as one of the many industrialized nations that have always given a helping hand to other countries in need. This assistance has seen many children and adults get their basic needs and medical care. Third world countries have also been put on the spot on the need to direct the funds received to production to alleviate poverty.

Article summary

The United States of America has in many years neglected the world’s poorest nations. This is because it has been very hard to reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty in our time. The study of poverty eradication in other third world countries is always discussed. Students have been given knowledge pertaining to world poverty subject in their classrooms. Many have been told to come up with ways and ideas on how to deal with this menace. This has led to Many measure put in place to enable avert the vice. This has always been done by giving grants and aid to these suffering countries (singer 2009).

Though these poverty issues are taught in schools, they are always not dealt with comprehensively. The main reason as to why the topic is always left hanging is the mere fact that it may adversely affect other students’ lives. When crossing boarders the idea of lesser human beings should never arise. Hence, the need to alleviate poverty in other countries is always called for. The topic of poverty eradication should never be limited, as opposed to international development. Since it is when poverty is eradicated that development of any nation is enhanced. The incorporation of such a topic to others like cultural studies, anthropology, economics, sociology, and even ethics is paramount. Courses like political science should deal with the idea of poverty in a more comprehensive manner. This is because when it comes to politics crossing of boarders is inevitable. Psychologists should determine the factors that limit people from one place to give help to others from other regions. More so, the engineers should in many times increase their working hours to determine ways and measures to be taken to avert poverty (Brixton et al., 2010).

For medical students they should look into new technologies to counter diseases that affect the people from third world countries. Lastly, law students formulate laws that will enable resources taken from tyrants and shared to those in need in the society. Studies that pertain to timeless cultural and artistic values should by no means left out. The question of asking the number of deaths in poor countries is always asked.

Many researchers have found out that more people perished in poverty related illnesses as compared to those people who died in World War 11 in one particular year. For one Peter Singer he made this compliment while he was a graduate student in 1971. He was taking philosophy at the time at the University of Oxford. This was discussed among philosophers of the time. Earlier all the philosophers were not supposed to discuss such a matter since all they were left with was the analyzing of words and their meanings (singer 2009).

In the year 1960, the student movements required all the education sectors to be relevant to what they taught in class. This was due to the war that was going on in Vietnam. This led to a few philosophers reviewing the need for a just war amongst all peoples. The people after all saw the need of philosophy when it came to public affairs. This was after Peter Singer drafted an article named “Famine, Affluence, and Morality.” The desire to accurately reduce suffering from poor people has been increased, and this is what the poor are being owed.

For the World Bank the term poverty refers to a state where an individual or country cannot meet their basic needs. The need for water, food, shelter, clothing, good sanitation, and health care are some of the services all individuals ought to be supplied with. The quote that more a billion people are living under a dollar in a day is usually very disturbing. This was the Word Banks’ statistics until the year 2008.

Singer (2009, P.55) confirms that recently there has been a new statistics that these people have increased to 1.4 billion and they survive on 1.25 dollars per day. The notion that people in developing countries well of since they survive with the same amount with people in industrialized nations never applies. This is because the Bank itself has made this adjustment in all the purchasing power of its individuals. Hence, thy both are living on a daily total consumption of services and goods. This number of individuals is always hungry in any part of the year. They may in many occasions get enough fill their stomachs but the nutrients are always lacking.

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Malnutrition has made many children to grow with brain damages. Getting medical care for these children is always unheard of because of the limited resources that they have. Hence, many of them are not able to attend school because of their nature. This kind of health related problems makes immortality rate high. This is evident because life expectancy in industrialized nations is 78 year while in poor nations it has dropped to 50 years. Many children die before reaching the age of five in poor countries as opposed to rich nations (Brixton et al., 2010).

All these statistics are clear evidence of the immediate need that is to be placed on the health of all individuals of any nation. Many children die because of lack of water, measles, malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Many of these diseases never exist in the developed nations. If these diseases exist then they are easily curable and never fatal. Nongovernmental organizations should step in and provide basic health care and clean water. These supplies will reduce the number of deaths in both children and adults. Since some of these organizations have already been in operation, they should be given more funding to make their work easier.

Even though people in the rich and poor countries are living in bad economic times, they should nevertheless ensure the reduction of poverty levels is possible. The 21st century has seen many people not able to meet their basic requirements. This is the time when other people also have more than they need for their basic needs. Even so most rich and poor people are mingled together than before. Those poor people are most often shown on the living rooms of the poor. Hence, the need for assistance is always called for.

This assistance is now possible than before in terms of new technological advancements. The underprivileged then are supposed to embrace these new techniques to be able to be at par with their counterparts. For example the use of the internet will assist the poor people know new ways on how to improve their living standards. Great libraries have been put up with lots of valuable materials to enable the common people access knowledge on various farming methods etc.

Brixton et al. (2010) argue that poverty will be eliminated by the end of this century. There is progress towards that goal. This fact is always argued upon since the figures of people living under one dollar increase by four hundred million. The increase is more impressive since the world’s population has increase and doubled since 1960. America has always been very generous on the amount aid they have always allocated to developing countries. This figure though is usually very low compared to other countries contributions. Norway gave more followed Denmark, Ireland and then Austria in the year 2007. The USA was last since in only gave 16 cents of all the $100 earned. This shows us that there is great ignorance on the part of all the Americans on the amount of money they give as grants to needy countries.

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There is a misconception over America’s aid as a percentage of its spending. Which is usually less than one percent? As a percentage of national income, the Americans still trail behind most countries. This is so even if they give more in private aid. A group of observers (Brixton et al., 2010) took this kind of statistics.


In my opinion, giving in many occasions is denied because whatever is given is mostly wasted by corrupt regimes. This kind of help never reaches the people for which it was intended. This brings the idea of giving directly to communities in need to operation. The World Bank mostly offers such kind of assistance directly to those communities that are in need. The issue of misappropriation is always evident but the fact that the poor live on very little and often demand much is true.

The issue of a government giving more to ailing citizens of other countries is often discussed. They tend to give more to its citizens to enable its workforce remain alive. If people think they already give more to other countries in terms of aid then they will have no effort to add unto it. Hence giving should always be done without any need of refund or follow-ups. There is need for trial aid projects, if this projects succeed then they should be put to practice and scaled up. The institutions should give more emphasis on eradication of poverty in third world countries. This will enable scholars develop a mindset that is made to help others. Long life they say comes from better health. Hence the health of all individuals of any country should be taken care of to maximize on their total productions (Brixton et al., 2010).



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