Free Custom «How We Dress» Essay Paper

Free Custom «How We Dress» Essay Paper

Dressing is an act of covering one’s body in a given type of cloth in order to meet a given need. There are those people who dress to look smart, those who dress to display beauty, those who dress to display character and those who dress to fulfill a given purpose. What an individual wear is his or her own affair but it becomes public when he or she is out there. Since people’s eyes are always on the watch. This is so due to the fact that what we dress affects ourselves and other people. In general dressing is a matter of self respect and respect for others.

Dressing is an art which displays different attributes of different people under different scenarios. To begin with, gender differentiation is one concept of great significance. In most traditions gender differentiation of how people dress is considered appropriate for men and women, the only differences are maintained in styles, colors and the type of fabric (Wikipedia).

For instance, in the western societies skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes are basically categorized as women clothing, while neckties and suits are considered men’s clothing. There are those clothes which were once considered males cloths only but are now also dressed by females. These cloths are trousers. Trousers have become typical clothing for both males and females. Only designs are modified to suit the appropriateness of the body.

Cloths in detailed are used in defining people based on their religion. For instance, the Islam will urge their women to wear (hijabs) to cover their heads, signifying a given purpose. While a Christian lady does not need to wear it. This is evident in the present world. Islamic ways of dressing do portray Muslims as per their traditions while Christian ways of dressing do portray them as per their traditions, among other religions that have their own way of dressing.

Judging people on how they dress is an issue of concern in the current economy. Companies are able to get qualified staff through critical interviews which are based on classification of individuals based on their professional qualifications and most of all their first glance appearance that is how they dress. So in various companies, dressing is an art which must be followed in order to portray the company’s image in an appropriate manner.

Besides the discomforting job interviews, those who dress badly can at a greater percentage discredit important events. For instance, many individuals do not give respect to the Grammy awards, due to the fact that the award is not credible, since the guest of honor dress without self respect. Such events face complications in making them credible. So in turn a given way of dressing is introduced, where individuals are expected to dress elegantly to make the event respectable and credible (

The dressing people engage in will at most completely determine where one can visit or attend an occasion. For example, there are some well known high class restaurant where individuals in casual are openly denied entrance. Such designated restaurant requires a person to wear a tie and a suit, as for ladies an elegant dress will be a necessity.

Considering the social status of some societies, clothing may be used to display rank or instance, in the ancient Rome only senators were permitted to wear garments dyed with Tyrian purple. In the traditional Hawaiian society, only the high-ranking chiefs could wear feather cloaks and palaoa. In china before the establishment of the republic, it was seen that only the emperor could wear yellow (Wikipedia).

Dressing is a big art in the current generation. Youths can be distinguished directly from the rest of the society due to their taste and preference on the type of clothing. Fashions and designs have taken over the youth’s generation. A lady would not feel comfortable until she has a short skirt accompanied by an elegant blouse and high-heeled shoes in order to feel more appealing to the public. Musicians have risen with a fascinating chain of clothing. Where extra large T-shirts accompanied by sagging jeans with big silver chains on their necks depicting how sophisticated they are in their career. One will need not to be told that (50-cent) is on stage or (Ja- Rule) is on stage since he or she will see by his or her own eyes at the first glance experience.

It should be known that dressing alone does not cover up for everything. But how the dresser carries the dressing is also important. Thus, it is of great importance to be aware of how we behave in the public, since bad behavior will ruin the great dressing one has. Furthermore, dressing can be subjective and ambiguous. For example a black gothic style corset can be interpreted differently from classy and elegant style. Most importantly, how the dress is perceived by others depends on the dresser.



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