Free Custom «History» Essay Paper

Free Custom «History» Essay Paper

A social institution is an organization mandated with the task of creating a framework to link an individual member of a society to the rest of the society in correspondence with its customs and culture.  It works by one fulfilling set out roles of the organization. The institutions may be naturally or artificially formed, as it’s held in conservative or progressive formation points of view respectively. The conservative view refers to the naturally occurring societal institutions, like marriages, while, the progressive view depicts artificially redesigned natural societal norms from social analysis to better livelihood standards (Steve, 1998).

One of the major sociological orientations or perspectives is the conflict theory. This perspective gravitates on the imbalanced facets of a society, either on the political, material or social fronts. This theory has its strength in identifying the sources of societal conflicts and thereby formulates the remedial strategies. Its weakness is that it lacks the implementation powers of these strategies. Second is the critical theory which analyses and critiques the societal customs, comparing them with the humanitarian and social sciences (Charles, 2002). Just like the conflict theory it lacks the realization end of it. In the ethno-methodology orientation, the analysis of peoples’ understanding and their relation with the surrounding in the society is done. The effectiveness of this perspective lies in its ability to enhance the analysis because it is coupled with an enlightening procedure.

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Feminist theory on the other hand, focuses on the social effects with respect to sex imbalance in the society and hence the requirement of affirmative action. The perspective of functionalism, considers a society as an assembly of parts (traditions, customs, norms, institutions) and how each parts influences it.  Based on this, reinforcement patterns should be installed to boost under-performing elements.  Positivism perspective implies that human events and relations occur from the knowledge that is authenticated from pragmatic processes (Charles, 2002).  This, therefore, requires the society to be acquainted with relevant knowledge. It is from these orientations that the social institutions, families, schools, hospitals and churches, create their relevant roles to be followed by the members of the society. 

I closely align with the perspective of functionalism. This is particularly so because it fragments the components of the social institution thereby facilitating the identification of its weaker element for remedial action, something which is very necessary in ensuring stability of the social institutions (Steve, 1998).


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