Free Custom «Hist 2111» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Hist 2111» Essay Paper

Native Americans are the people who were displaced from their homeland in the 15th century. Most of the natives were Indians and after intermarrying with the Americans their offspring were called Amerindians. During that time there were three types of civilizations that is; Aztec, Inca, and Maya. The Native Americans were isolated by the Spanish and were even harshly treated to an extent that they thought that the Spanish people were their gods. Due to the isolation, the natives begun to develop their own technology which consisted of mathematics and making of calendars. The Native Americans were not able to share their technology with other people unlike the Americans who shared their technology with the Arabs and the Chinese people. The American natives were in two groups; one in the Caribbean islands and the other in the Mesoamerica (LaRosa and Mejía 69).

The houses made by natives in the Caribbean islands were considered friendly and green because they were made by hand and they constituted of things that nature could offer. These houses were; straw bell dwellings, adobe and the long houses. The roofs were covered by either animal skin or grass. Their city had very few huses and their villages had about 15 houses. Unlike the others, natives from Mesoamerica concentrated on building Aztec temples which contained idols made from iron. Their cities were filled with stone built houses which had even balconies, swimming pools and had flat roofs. They also used pipes to bring water to their homes and also made strong weapons from iron (Staller and Carrasco 38).

The natives from the Caribbean islands had no idea of the existence of iron. They used copper and stone to make their tools and gold to decorate their bodies. They also practiced economical activities like farming, fishing and pastoralism. The other practiced stone carving, iron smelting and production of cotton. The natives in Caribbean island only leaved a simple life while the others from Mesoamerica struggled to develop their culture in different designs and fashion. Natives from the Caribbean islands were the ones involved in domesticating animals like; dogs, camels, donkey and even cows. American native believed in myths and used to pray before any construction and they later asked for blessings after building. The natives had constructed different structures designed to give the last respect when one died, when a child was born and others for dancing ceremonies.

Due to the sufferings that they went through in the hands of the Spanish after migrating to America, the native used to be hostile and full of anger. Even though they were not as warlike as the Americans they still had the confidence to fight back whenever they were mistreated. For example, their was a time that they forced to give out their belonging including the food they had kept in their galleries to settlers in Jamestown, they fought back by attacking them, beating them up, and taking their belongings with them (Carl 15). Even though the natives had different interest and cultural practices there didn’t exist animosity between them. They both lived peacefully and supported one another when challenge faced them. There were disagreements between them like no and then but it didn’t reach the point of planning battles or killing one another.

The American natives faced many challenges especially from the Spanish people but they didn’t gave up they still stayed together and faced the problems together. Currently you can differentiate Americans and the natives. The American constitution has favored both the American and its immigrants.

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