Free Custom «Hard Working Homeless» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Hard Working Homeless» Essay Paper

The society we are living in is referred to with different terms. Some call it unfair some perfect, some ungodly. By all means individuals have tried to make the most out of. Efforts have been made to centralize wealth by the rich. The poor have tried to get their heads out of these poverty cocoons. These efforts have born fruits for some while for others it has been a futile effort. They still cannot get the best out of this life. “Toil and snare yes, day in day out but little to harvest.” The gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen everyday with the poor being unable to feed enough for themselves let alone their families.

Lack of food has been a common phenomenon among these people. Going to bed on an empty stomach has become the order of the day. It is not something to amuse really. This has greatly lowered productivity and caused lots of distress among these people. Eventually some die of hunger and school going children result into dropouts.

The hard worker does shady jobs, some of them requiring a lot of energy. Peasant farmers dig hard sweating in the farms. The hard working bee however feeds for the queen with it eventually deducing peanuts. He plants on his small kitchen garden only to end up losing his seedlings to insects and weevils. It becomes distressing, nothing is there to evaluate his effort. He appears like a lazy fool with nothing to offer.

The hard working person is homeless, and can only afford to live shanties. Slum areas are their places of residence. Water and hygiene are a challenge to them let alone their feeding habits. They end up suffering from epidemics like cholera and dysentery. This later has made the mortality rate to decline to lower ages(slums in India page 40).The slums in Mumbai are an example of the places where the hardworking homeless people live in. (International issues in social Work and Social Welfare: Selections from CQ page 107)

The elderly are also largely affected. They are more susceptible to diseases and do not have the energy to work. This has made the poverty levels among this class of people to rise to higher levels. Many of them depend on the younger population to help them survive. This is more evident in the developing nations.

Rates of suicide have also been reported to be higher in the U.S and U.K. Suicide has been used as an escape by the victims avoiding problems related with poverty. Some of these people don’t have the patience to wait for a brighter day. Cases of school dropouts have also been reported since a majority of the poor people cannot afford a meal let alone books and uniform. In addition, some perform poorly in their school work since they are unable to concentrate and are distressed. Poor performers also end up dropping out of school.

It is also very difficult to eradicate poverty completely from a particular family. It is common to find poor parents raise poor children to adulthood and the same for more than two generations. This is because they do not have a base from which they can build a foundation out of the yoke of poverty. It is indeed true that poverty sits by the cradle of all our great men and rocks all of them to poverty (Heinrich Heine).It is also seen by some as being in the blood and though one might workday too hard to get out of it, it sometimes is impractical. They end up being ignored and disliked for what most people term as very low standards of living. Echoing the words of Bill Vaughan, it would be nice if the poor were to get even half of the money spent studying them.



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