Free Custom «Group Behavior» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Group Behavior» Essay Paper


Group behavior is used in sociology to refer to the situations where different persons interact in large and small groups, Brian M and George R. (1986). Group dynamics is a field that talks about small groups of people that can act in a harmonized way and reach consensus easily. People show group behavior when they gather together in a place and act in a similar way. There are different types of groups. These include formal groups, informal groups, small groups and large groups. Formal groups are the ones formed by various organizations and they are meant to perform various duties. They can include command groups and task groups. Informal groups on the other hand formed by employees in a particular organization and they are interest and friendship based. Small groups are the ones that are made of a few members and they are good because communication between the group members is easy.  Large groups on the other hand are made up of many people and this makes personal interaction difficult.

Group behavior is very important. This is because people can work better and faster in groups where they are sharing ideas. In addition, group behavior is also very important because people can learn from one another hence increasing their knowledge. Groups help people to live in peace because they increase contact between different people. More so, group behavior is also important since it helps people to share common values, interests and demonstration ties.


It is very important to understand group dynamics in the business world. Group dynamics refers to the study of groups. This entails understanding the behavior of the members of a particular group such as a task group or a command group. In the business world, it is good to understand the group dynamics because this can help a group facilitator assist his/her group in achieving their set target. When a group facilitator understands group dynamics, he/she can diagnose the functioning of the group and intervene to change the operating behavior of that group in order to increase its chances of achieving their set goal.

In the business world, there is a great need for an effective and target oriented work force. In this connection, leaders in the business world should understand the behavior of their group members to ensure that the set goals and targets are met. For business organizations to succeed, leaders and managers should understand the importance of group dynamics, Brian M and George R. (1986). Members of different groups in the business world act in different ways. It is very important for the leaders of various groups to understand the behavior of the members of a particular group so that they can ensure that these members behave well to achieve the goals of the organization. Group dynamics in the business field also require to be understood so that necessary changes can be made in order for the organization to succeed, Brian M and George R. (1986).

Members of a group in the business world need to be informed of the need for them to behave well in order to achieve their group goal. Good group behavior is very necessary in the business world because it enables members of a group to meet the goals they have in their group. Good behavior in groups involves having trust with one another and communicating well with one another in the group and outside. Therefore, it is very important to understand group dynamics in the business world.

Positive interdependence is very essential in groups because it helps groups to achieve mutual goals. Positive interdependence is one of the essentials of group work. Positive interdependence helps people in groups to achieve mutual goals because it enables them to understand that their personal success is connected to the success of the other members of the group. Members of a group realize positive interdependence when they come to know that they cannot accomplish the goals of their group by subdividing the work amongst the group members for each member to work alone. To achieve mutual goals, each of the members of a particular group needs to offer a distinctive contribution to their combined efforts. Positive interdependence helps groups to achieve their mutual goals because members come to learn that each member is crucial to achieving their shared goals and thus they depend on each other to achieve success in their goals, Wormer K et al. (2007).

Research about groups is not always valid and relevant because researchers have to decide whether the decisions made by particular groups are of high or low quality. It is not possible to objectively evaluate most of the decisions made by group members in terms of whether they are useful or not because it is never easy to measure their long term effects. More so, research about groups is not always valid and relevant because it contains a lot of assumptions. Researchers have to assume that the people who made decisions in nay group were well informed. In addition, the truth of the decision made by group members is not decided by the number of members who pledge to it.

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Research about groups is also not always valid and relevant because as it is not quantified using statistical methods. People can make subjective judgments of the validity measures of group researches. In addition, the content in group researches can be subjectively measured thus making research about groups to lack validity and relevance.

According Wormer K et al. (2007), groups are more effective than individuals in the work environments. There are several advantages of working in groups. In the work environment, people can share ideas and this enables them to perform tasks better. More so, groups make it possible for people to share knowledge with one another and this makes is possible for an organization to have workers who are well informed. In addition, groups are more efficient and effective than individuals in the work environment because they help people to perform tasks assigned to them faster. The more people there are in a particular work environment, the faster the rate of completing tasks. This makes groups more efficient and efficient compared to individuals, Brian M and George R. (1986).

In the work environment, groups are also efficient than individuals because different alternatives can be developed to help achieve a particular goal. There are also shared responsibilities in groups that make is more easy to achieve the set goal. Moreover, groups help members acquire knowledge and skills in the work environment which can be used to achieve the main target of the work environment. Lastly, groups are more effective than individuals because they lead to more acceptance and understanding of the final decision made. Decisions made by several members of a group can easily be accepted as compared to a decision made by a single member in the work environment.

Group cohesiveness refers to the kind of force that brings group members closer to one another. Cohesiveness can be personal or task related. The personal aspect of group cohesiveness refers to the connection that a particular group member has with the other members of the group and to the group as a whole. Task cohesiveness shows the extend to which members of a group share common goals and work together to achieve these goals. Task cohesiveness shows that members of a group share common goals and they are ready to work together in order to attain these common goals. Factors like similarity between members, size of a group, group success, competition and threats tend to influence group cohesiveness. These factors influence members to identify with their groups in order to fulfill the needs of the group as well as their own personal needs, Wormer K et al. (2007).

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Group cohesiveness is very important in groups because it enables members of a group to work together with the aim of achieving a common goal. In addition group cohesiveness ensures a good relationship between members of a group and this enables the group members to work in unity to meet their set targets. Group processes refers to the kind of activities that a particular group engages in. group cohesive forces affect group processes positively. This is because they enable members of a group to interact with each other well and work hard to achieve their common goals. To increase group cohesiveness, the similarity between group members should be well noted as this will help to increase mutual understanding between the group members. It is also important to maintain small groups where the members can interact well with one another and share common goals. More so, entry into a particular group should be made exclusive and this will make it easy to increase group cohesiveness. Lastly, members of a group should be informed of the existing external threats and competition and this will help to increase group cohesiveness.

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Social influence or interaction influences decision making as it makes it difficult. It is difficult to make decision because social interaction makes each member in a group give their own opinion and they always want their opinions to be selected. This makes decision making difficult because it is not easy to decide on which opinion to take out of the members’ different opinions. Social influence also makes decision making easier. This is because, though members of a group have their own personal opinions, they influence one another’s opinions leading to transformation.

There are different ways in which members’ acceptance of proposals in the work place can be encouraged or discouraged. Good communication in work places can encourage and discourage the acceptance of proposals by members of a group in the work environment. Good communication enables members of a group to understand a proposal well and this can encourage or discourage them to accept such a proposal. More so, debates on various issues of a proposal can encourage members to accept the proposal because they understand the requirements of a particular proposal. In order to encourage the acceptance of proposals in the work environment, good proposals which are of benefit to the members of the organization should be made. If proposals are not of benefit to the members of the organization, they may fail to accept them. Lastly, the members of a particular group in a work place should be included in the making of proposals and this will encourage them to accept the proposals. If members are not consulted in the making of a proposal, they may not accept such proposal hence failing to consult members in the making of a proposal discourages them from accepting the proposals in work places, Wormer K et al. (2007).

Leaders are a very important aspect of groups. This is because they give inspiration to the members of their group and also try to enforce rules that are beneficial to the group. Moreover, leaders are the directors in their groups and they guide group members in working together to achieve the goals of their group. Leaders are also a very important aspect of groups because they lead by examples. They are the ones who should show the members of their group what to in order to achieve their set goals. A leader is also an important aspect of a group because he/she communicates to the group members to ensure that they understand the progress of the group. Lastly, leaders act as source of knowledge to their groups hence they are an important aspect of a group, Robert A. (2005).

It is possible for leaders to emerge from groups. In groups, members can acquire leadership qualities from their group leader and with time, each of these members can have the capability of leading the other members. The interaction of people in a group makes it possible for leader-follower relationship to emerge. In this connection, leaders can emerge from groups. Leadership is only a trait that is evolved and so when members of a group interact with one another, some of them develop leadership traits. In a group, the member who has qualities which are superior to those of the other members of that group is likely to chosen as a leader as compared to the other members of that group. Therefore, a leader can emerge from a group because one person must have qualities better than those of the other people. Lastly, competence in a group can make a person to be chosen as the leader by his/her group mates hence leaders can emerge from groups.

According to Robert A. (2005), the perception of group members about leadership is important in the outcomes of a group. Members of a group need to see their leader as a person who deserves respect and who they need to cooperate with in order to ensure that their goals are met. Group members should also value leadership in their group as this will make them adhere to the guidance offered to them by their leaders and this contributes to their group success.

Teams are more effective than work groups due to various reasons. First groups have specific leaders while teams have a shared leadership roles and this makes each team member responsible in their action leading to the success of the teamwork. In groups, every member has his/her own accountability while teams have a shared accountability which makes them perform better than groups. Teams are also effective in work than groups because performance in teams is measured directly from the collective work product of the group members. Lastly, teams discuss, decide and perform real work while groups discuss, decide and divide the work among each group member hence teams are more effective in work than groups, Robert A. (2005).

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Teams are more effective than groups in different situations. In discussions that need multiple ideas, team are very essential because the members of the team can raise the necessary opinions. In decision making, teams are also important because they make it possible for the members of the team to make the right decisions and also in performing nay task that they may be required to perform, Brian M and George R. (1986).


In conclusion, group behavior is very essential in any field. People need to know that there are so many advantages that are associated with group behavior and therefore people need to respect group behavior. Group works are essential as they make work easier. In addition, people can share knowledge in groups and thus groups make learning easier. Moreover, sharing of ideas is possible in group work and this leads to effectiveness in performing duties in working environment.



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