Free Custom «Equality» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Equality» Essay Paper

In today’s society, there is believe in gender equality than it used to be. The main fundamental way in the American culture is the way Americans believes in the value of equality. The belief of equality emanates from declaration of independence which clearly says “that men and women are created equal.”  Although America prides itself to guaranteeing its citizens equality, instances of inequality still do exists.

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On the issue of household chores, there are many different opinions on how it should be divided up in the family. While some couples assign work to each other, others make no effort to help. Usually, it is men who rarely conform to sharing work. In his book taking care of men, Anthony McMahon focuses on domestic labor and assesses actual divisions of labor between spouses. He writes that despite popular belief in gender equality in apportioning household chores, men are reluctant to doing more omestic work (Primeau A. Loree, P.118).

But again, household work should be divided equally among couples. The reasons for this range from the couple having a happier relationship and this will most likely take the strain off from one couple, the woman, who would have otherwise done all the work by herself while the other couple, the man, just relaxes. Sharing of these household chores will also impact the best for the couple and ensure that both sides have an equal participation in the marriage. Evidence shows that couples who work together will less likely fight and thus gets a divorce translating to happier marriages. The negativity of these is that couples who assign household chores unfairly had major issues that caused problems in their marriages ((Primeau A. Loree, P.11-120).

The division of household chores is also important due to the changing dynamics in the resent world. In the past, women had more time to do household cchores but this is not the case anymore. For the modern American woman, she is most of the time active in her workplace. The number of young women who work outside their homes has increased tremendously. This diminishes the number of domestic chores she can handle as she comes home late from job. Thus this is the best opportunity that the couple should share the domestic chores and especially the man should assist to ease her on the amount of the work (Dr. Harley).

The idea of couples sharing work is also a progressive move to improve the quality of life. Great strides have been made in the social equality. Men and women should change their mindset on whose work is to perform household chores to make things equal as envisioned in the supreme law of the land; the American constitution. Combining this fact and the reason that sharing work brings forth happier families is a reason enough for couples to share household work (Dr. Harley).


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