Free Custom «Elements of Work and Change» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Elements of Work and Change» Essay Paper

This paper will discuss that contrary to popular belief by some academics, families in America are declining and not changing as alleged. Since 1960, there have been steep extra-ordinary changes whose social consequences have been steep especially for children.

Family changes since 1960

Since 1960, there has been serious family decline in its demographic, cultural and institutional as people are willing to invest less time, money and energy in family matters but instead investing in them. And now with the break-up of nuclear families, family decline is more threatened as it is affecting childbearing and provision of affection and companionship to its members. Due to these integrations, there has been a decline of culture. Ideal families (those that a husband as the father, a wife as the mother and children) have deviated from this normalcy (Popene D. 1993). The family share of its roles such as; provide socialization to the young, provide care for family members and regulate sexual activity and procreation and the psychological support has declined. The family’s share of the above responsibilities has declined over the years and other institutions like schools have taken up the task (American family breakdown).


Cases of divorce in America are increasing every year. The cases of irreconcilable differences is just but a “no fault divorce”. The number of pregnant teenagers is also increasing and these are some of the evidence of families weakening. The marriage rate has also declined from 10% to around 9% and instead cohabitation rates are increasing (American family breakdown).  


To strengthen families, the bible should be our guide. Being affectionate, expressing love and respect to family members. Married partners should be submissive to one another and adapt to each other’s characteristics. Submission to the authority of the husband by the wife is also essential for family survival (American family breakdown).

Family values have been declining at an alarming rate but there is hope. The high rates of divorce and teenage pregnancies are a true reflection of this. The once close knit families no longer care for each other but its roles have drastically changed. Ideal families have also deviated from normalcy as family disintegration is on the rise. But this can be reversed if partners in marriage can be submissive and understand each other.




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