Free Custom « Effects of Social Class on My Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom « Effects of Social Class on My Life» Essay Paper
Society and class have become somewhat synonymous. There is hardly an aspect of society that is not affected by the class syndrome. Anything you do right from reading the magazines to watching television or movies or performing social rites, are all related to the social class system. Even the clothes one buys are the result of the influence of the social class to which he or she belongs. Whether it is schools or workplace, employment or occupation, business or dealings, everything is not only influenced by but is also largely the offshoot of this class system.

Class system effects on education

Unlike the past it is no easier for the people without academic background to make progress in their career because Companies are often searching for employees with proper educational background from outside. Thus the chances of in house employees getting the lift even without adequate educational qualification is next to none. Thus to day in the field of employment there are at least two broad classes; one that has formal education and the other one who does not have it. At the same time people are now flocking the schools and colleges instead of rotting at lower level position.
Change of workplace highly influence career of people and there the class effect comes into play. (Source: Multiplying inequalities ? Gomes)

Class Effect on Families

A major role is played by social class system in the families. Development of children is highly affected by the class patterns. Environments vary with the class and such environment is largely responsible for evolution of the lives of the children and youth. Normally they will try to fit in to their class and the people around will also try to encourage them to fit in to the environment around them and their respective social status.

Influence of class on the administration of the society

It is the class system again that has large influence on the administrative and social patterns followed in any society. Many people work hard against favoritism. However it continues to affect the society in some form or other. Especially the provisions of special facilities for some sectors in the society are nothing but the influence of the class concept. There are also various misconceptions that affect the society based on class. Very often the children from affluent classes are considered to be more intelligent in comparison to those coming from the poorer sectors of the society.
Certain groups in the society, especially those that are socially and economically backward are often supported officially with special facilities for them. Such facilities could be relaxation of criteria for engagement or financial benefits. Of course it is misnomer to synchronize intelligence with affluence and in many cases the reverse is the truth.

Social class and children

More often than not social class reflects its affects in the research of the children. Though there is still absence of uniform definition of the term social class, yet it exists very much and affects all concerned. For the researchers the definition of class is something different, a deviation from the traditional. Of course there is no specific process for determining the social class. Moreover, the social classes are often self reported and it becomes very difficult to assess them. Location also plays a vital part in determining the type of class to which someone belongs. The standard that would belong to the upper class in one location might merely be the standard for the middle class in another location. (Source:

Effect of social class on life chances

?The individual in modern western society strives to achieve or obtain the things that are labeled as desirable by their culture. These commodities may be cultural or economic and range from healthcare, education and occupation to holidays, housing and social activities. As with all commodities, these things are rarely distributed equally, and so the struggle to achieve or obtain them can be a difficult one. A person's opportunities to obtain their fair share are known as their life chances?. (Source: November 2001 Alfie Stroud 11W How Social Class Affects Life Chances). Three elements were identified by Max Weber that determines the life chances of a person. These factors are economic, status, and power. ?The healthier your economic situation, the higher your status and greater your power, the better your life chances?, Weber says. (Source: Max Weber 1864-1920)

Effects on socialization within the family

Undoubtedly the family is the vital factor both for the primary socialization and secondary socialization for the children.
?Class socialization refers to the everyday experiences associated with a person?s class location and beliefs and attitudes?. (Source: Tess Pearce). Of course the sociologists have divergent opinion on the issue with some people agreeing and others not. However the majority opinion is that social class affects the family and especially the children. For instance their mannerisms will vary and would be peculiar to the particular class to which they belong. ?Even their speech has diversity as the middle class speak with an ?elaborated code? in contrast to the restricted code the working class uses?, says Bernstein.


It is natural for the family to pass on the cultural and economic capital from generation to generation. (Source: Social class research by Diana Kendall). Social classes have their individual life styles that are unique and different from each other. If the tradition in the social class is single parentage then it is most likely that the children in that class will also become single parents. These are the effect of the class system on the family in particular and the society as a whole.



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