Free Custom «Dream Act» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Dream Act» Essay Paper

This act was introduced in the United States in the year 2009 with both the senate and the representative house with the aim of granting permanent residency which is conditioned to US immigrants who are minors. This was meant to target minors who had graduated from high schools within the States of America. The young people who were to be covered by this act had to have good morals and they also needed to have lived in country for a minimum of five years before the enactment of the bill. Students who qualified were to be offered temporary residency of six years in which they were supposed to complete their university education successfully. During the temporal six year’s stay the students needed to behave well in order for them to be realized in an honorable way (Drachman 24).

Foreign minors could only be granted permanent residence with the help of their parents. Those children who entered the US illegally were denied permanent residency therefore it was important for parents to bring their young ones in the country through the rightful channel. One of the challenges being faced by the minors is that there are serious restrictions if one needs to go home to his nation of birth. Permanent residency is only achieved when one successfully complete college, university or completes two years at the military. The major problem facing these students is that they are not eligible for education grants meant for higher education because they are not US citizens. They are therefore forced to apply for work study or loans in order to further their studies (Hicks 25).

There has been a marked increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering the US. Most of this aliens move to places which are over populated since its will be hard for the government to trace them and with time they move on to almost all parts of the country. Their number is so large that it outpaces the legal immigrants. Statistics reveals that about four million people are members of families whose heads are illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants of recent years are believed to be more educated than those which entered the United States many years ago. Averagely a large number of this population is unlearned when compared to the citizens of the US (Roberge, Siegal & Harklau 46).

Research reveals that many of the illegal immigrants have managed to secure jobs in the US economy sectors. Most of them are employed in the industries while those who fail to secure better jobs get opportunities within the construction sites. At the beginning they basically earn relatively low income which keeps increasing with time. Among these illegal immigrants a small percentage of them opt to return to their home countries. This act has some positive impact to the United States economy for instance the number of immigrants school drop outs will decrease to a great extends since most of them fail to complete studies as a result of financial strain (Sanderson 250; Colombo., Cullen, and Lisle 64).

The American current student population has a high percentage of children born to immigrants and the chance of them dropping out of school is very high when compared to students who are citizens. This is as result of enormous barriers which restrict them from accessing funds for their higher education. The dropouts cost American tax payers dearly as well as the economy therefore the enactment of this act will reduce the losses relatively. This act also provides an incentive to illegal immigrants because they will be allowed to remain at school until their studies are completed. Since the students are allowed to complete their college and high school studies, this will lead to increased revenue through taxation as well as redued expenses.

The amount of money received by the government in form of tax from immigrants is very high basing on the fact that their tax is relatively high when compared to that of the US citizen. The fact that the immigrants have an opportunity to receive education means a lot to the states security since there will be a drastic reduction in crime rate. The immigrant also benefit from this since, they will spend about $3,900 less when it comes to criminal justice and other expenses meant for welfare. The fiscal increment is used to settle loans that were obtained for education purposes and since this is achieved within a short period of about two years tax payers are able to receive profits for a good number of years. Even the immigrant high school graduates who do not further their education end up living better lives after some years because of the earnings they receive (Moen and Roehling 90).

The US economy also greatly benefits from the dream act since the lives of immigrants become better. This is attributed to the fact that they are able to make a better income than before. The economy benefits from the fact that better incomes or increased income leads to increased spending as well as investments. Research reveals that at age thirty an immigrant who benefited from the dream act is able to earn about $13,500 more in each year. If an immigrant is granted a permanent residency he is able to work legally and this is a boost to the United States economy. When young immigrants are legally allowed to join the work force crucial gaps in the economy and business will be filled (Immigration Centre par. 5).

Most of the young immigrants who fail to complete their studies settle for low income jobs like domestic servants. Though the immigrants are able to make an income; this trend posse a thread to the economy since there maybe a shortage of some professionals in the near future. Therefore when this issue is addressed through the dream act the US economy is also secured. Through the dream act the economy will be successful in rewarding character because through the immigrant’s hard work they will be able to earn and raise their talent in a country where they have been raised up (Immigration Centre par. 1).

Oakland will greatly benefit from the dream act because most of the beneficiaries of this act live there. Oakland benefits from the cultural richness as well economic stability which is brought in by the immigrants. Despite of their important contributions to United States government the immigrants are still stigmatized and exploited for the rest of the time that they are denied legalization of their status. As long as the immigrants are denied permanent residence they are assured of living in poverty and most of those victims are held with low esteem by the Americas societies. Therefore Oakland has greatly benefited since most of its foreign population can now access education and this has helped them to contribute to the States political and financial well being (Welner and Chi 67; Norka 56).

Their will be marked reduction in crime rate once this act is enacted. This is because life hardship and poverty force most young people to be engaged in crimes. Most of these aliens do not afford standard education because of their scarce resources and education is the only channel to a better life. Therefore most of them lack the morale to further education because they are not sure of the government granting them legal status as immigrants. And for these reason they use any means to earn a living which may include involvement in crimes. Since the enactment of the dream act promises them a brighter future crimes done by the immigrants will reduce. When young peopple are idle they tend to engage themselves in unhealthy and unacceptable practices. For example drug abuse and immorality which endangers their health. For this reason this act will help reduce immorality as well as drug abuse which have destroyed the lives of many young people. As a result there will be a healthy communities with good morals (Hopson, Yeakey & Boakari 60).

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In the United States many young people commit suicide due to depression which is caused by many factors. Most of the illegal immigrants live under great stress because of the surrounding challenges and hardships. Children get stressed when they cannot afford better education and life like other kids. That is why they engage in illegal and unacceptable behavior in order to realize the stress. Therefore the better life offered to them by the clauses in the dream act will help them live with optimism and hope (Pipher 34).

One of the main disadvantages of this act to the US government as well as its citizens is that it gives much room for illegal immigrants who have massively entered the country. One of the main issues to the US citizens is that their money is what will be used to fund the education of these aliens. And since the people being covered by the bill are limited to thirty years, then many people will be eligible for the permanent residency. One of the disturbing issues about the whole matter is that the illegal immigrant’s offences may be postponed once they make their application for being considered as legal immigrants (Pipher 34).

Americans fear that the implementation of this act will deprive their youth’s college education because most of their resources will be channeled to funding foreign immigrant’s education and not their children. This project will demand for continuous supply of resources which may not be there. This is a major concern to the American citizens since every provision made to an immigrant equals to some form of denial to an American citizen. This act will attract many foreigners from neighboring countries who cannot afford education in their own countries. Therefore there will be many beneficiaries than the actual number that was budgeted for (Small and McDermott 1701).

This act will increase border insecurities since the security at the border administration will be forced to offer cards meant for social security. This card offers much protection to the bearer for instance the card is resistant to fraud as well as wear. The challenge will be to come up with safe and secure identification cards which is not very easy because in the recent past people have been able to make fake identification cards that pass all the set tests. Therefore this possess much risk to the State security since criminals will be able to obtain this cards and use them to enter the country which at the moment is well guarded (Forest 135).

In conclusion I will say the benefits of this act are much more than the disadvantages and the negative impacts which are associated with the enactment of the act can be prevented with proper systems in place. Therefore offering an education to an innocent child who came to the US not on his will is something good and recommendable. On the other hand the economic befits that the US government will receive is enormous and worthy pursuing therefore the senate and the representative house should go forth and pass this act. Also even before the enactment of this act there were already many immigrants in the nation thus this is not a new thing because most of the aliens have grown up knowing that America is their country. The reason for this is that for most immigrants the only country they have ever known is America (Forest 133).


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