Free Custom «Discrimination» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Discrimination» Essay Paper


There are three entries related entries to the website “Sociological Images” as one browses through it. All the three sites have share a common thing regarding to what it explains: the overall consequences that the media creates by influencing people’s minds and the way people handle their differences by discriminating others. According to studies that have been done women in the modern society are the most affected group who are influenced by the fashion and advertisement industry (Marger, 2008). The media in describing the general meaning of beauty considers the body shape weight, skin texture and other features that have led today’s women to venture into adverse methods that can help them to live up to this standards required for beauty. As a result those who feel they are not beautiful enough are exposed to mental trauma and feel unwanted leading to different patterns of socialization, assimilation and prejudice in society.

Patterns of Discrimination in Sociological Images Entries

Reiss (2010) stated that the writer of this website as cited over three hundred images of fat women who have accepted and appreciates their body shapes. It also describes the way these people have accepted their fatness and are ready to fight against any discrimination and unjust treatment that overweight people experiences in modern society.

This also contributes to development of negative perception in young women regarding to their natural body shapes. In this context, a  clothing industry Ralph Lauren dismissed a model who was size four stating that there were no more clothes that fitted since she was ‘too fat’ (Reiss, 2010). In consequence, there are various rules that have been developed in regard to body sizes that regulate modeling today. This clearly demonstrates discrimination of models who are not allowed to show themselves for who they are naturally. The model in a magazine had been modified to look skinnier to extend that it appeared not to be natural and not reasonable. This model when asked said that she feels desperate for younger women in modern society who more influenced by what they see on magazines yet this pictures are even attractive and should not motivate anyone to admire them.

In fact the use of the word ‘fat’ is a direct evident of the negative view of these women and creates a sense of humiliation regarding overweight women. This video tries to show that men are more attracted to slim women than fat women. The scene is set by a man who is sited and is served with a dish of noodles that is represented by a fat woman swinging in hot water but this man looked at it disgustingly and this demonstrated hatred of fat women. On the other hand, when he was served with another bowl that represented slim woman, he appreciated it and it gave him appetite.

In the modern society that involves the black and white people there is a profound change in patterns of racial prejudice and discrimination. The patterns of racial discrimination is clearly evident in housing, employment and education sector in modern society (Marger, 2008), however, the effects of this discrimination are still debatable. Skin color is known to determine beauty whereby some time back, soft pale white skin was considered to be beautiful but through the impacts of media, tan skin in considered more beautiful. This has contributed to racism and prejudice for those who don’t have the required skin color.


The three entries from ‘Sociological Images’ clearly shows extend of discrimination, assimilation, prejudice and impacts on socialization that is brought into modern society through media regarding to definition of beauty by young women. The media is known to have greatly influenced the fashion industry and greatly affected he mental perception in society today.



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