Free Custom «Dealing with Crises» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Dealing with Crises» Essay Paper
There are many crises that are being experienced by many people in the society such as the death of a loved-one or a failure from a crucial examination. However, taking a look at the situation, the death of a person loved is the most crucial crisis that can be experienced by a person. Interviewing a friend that has experienced a sudden death of her father due to an unwarranted accident, it was found out that depression is the initial result.
A feeling that you love a person so much and realized that you can never be with them forever is a devastating feeling. Hence, in order to deal with it, a faith-based psychotherapy has been utilized. Body Unhealthy status of mental health deserves counseling as what most psychologists would say.
But the question being posted now is whether or not divine guidance should be incorporated in the process of counseling. Faith-based psychotherapy is defined as the manner of turning into God for guidance. However, balance information should be given credit into it. The process of digging deep and knowing the happy experiences of the people by the therapists under the faith-based psychotherapy will ensure changes in the mental health of the people. It is not always about spiritual context and biblical scriptures but rather on giving people enough reasons to go on with their lives.
But then again, the faith-based psychotherapy is not limited to happy thoughts only. It can be inclusive of incorporating God in facing problems and trials of live as well as victory.


With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that in order to process and deal with crises, a faith-based psychotherapy is being utilized as well



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