Free Custom «Crime Rate » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Crime Rate » Essay Paper


Crime refers to the commitment of offenses against the laws of the nation. Examples of crime include: murder, rape, burglary and theft. In the United States, the rate in which crimes are committed is carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigations which conducts an annual crime statistics and the report is published in the Uniform Crimes report. Compared to other industrialized nations such as Canada, Germany and Australia, the United States is ranked with the most number of crime rate committed in a span or a year. The commonly reported crime cases are violent and property cases whereby the violent crimes include: rape, robbery, homicide and assault. Property crime on the other hand include crimes related to; burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft. While U.S stands with the most assault cases, Canada and Germany has the least although the 3 countries are same in terms of wealth and development (US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2004). Homicide crimes in the U.S are 3 times higher than in Canada an 6 times higher than in Germany.

Dallas city in the state of Texas, has been reported with the highest crime rates in the country which comprises of both violent and property crimes. According to the U.S Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004), the crime rate is normally measured according to the number of reported offenses per 100,000 people in a specific period of time. The possibility of crime occurrence in the country depends on a number of demo graphic factors such as gender, age, race and occupation as well as the location of the population as a whole. Crime offenders reside in those states which are economically unstable and the offenders belong to the least privileged group in the society such as the children, poor, and the financially unstable. These groups of people are prone to committing crimes or fall into the crime victims like the young, old and the sick. Female individuals are prone to rape cases and assault as a result of their financial condition and the sex.

United States population consists of immigrants from all over the world. These people make up the population of the country at a higher rate. Among these immigrants are the blacks, Hispanic speakers and the whites who come to the country with varied backgrounds financially and economically. The black, Hispanic people and other unknown races have been rated to be committing more murders compared to the white race. According to Walsh (2004), about 14, 180 people were murdered in the country with over ten thousand being caused by the Hispanic, blacks and other unknown races. Racism is commonly associated with crimes in most industrialized nations with United States leading in the number of crimes as a result of varied races. This is associated to the 10,000 individuals offered Green card to stay and work in the states from different states all over the world. Of the hate crimes committed, 71% are associated with racism.

Religion has also been associated with crime in that varied religion backgrounds are common in the country. Hate crime in religion is commonly committed by the Jewish religion followers as compared to the Muslims. Unlike other developed nations like Australia and Canada, religion whole in that the nation has one religion other than varied religions which in turn assist in reducing crime related cases like hatred. The variation in religion comes as a result of immigrants present in the nation and their varied cultures.

According to Warde (2008), an American sociologist, male persons who attend college are prone to committing property related crimes during their college times as compared to their male counterparts not attending college. This has been associated with the unstable economic or financial status tempting them to commit such crimes so as to meet their financial needs. These individuals engage in theft thus meeting their needs and as a result, they are caught and charged in a court of law of property related crimes.

How Crime Plays a Role the Functioning of the Society

Crime is higher in the United States as compared to other industrialized nations which has called for the government to take action against the people who commit these cases. By so doing, it has created jobs the citizens in this country like the correction officers and the prisoners. For the last 3 decades, murder cases and other crime related cases have been on a rising note thus calling for the recruitment of prisoners and correction officers. This has in turn caused laxity in the forces which calls for the increase in the number of cases.

Property crime has led to the provision of day to day needs of some people who indulge in these crimes. In so doing, these individuals obtain resources through theft unlike others who have to work hard so as to meet their needs. The government losses a lot of revenue due to her struggle to zero crime in the country. Most of the crime offenders especially the property crime offenders do not pay taxes in that they are not involved in legal income generating activities.

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Crime plays a role in order for the society to function as a whole in that it calls for the need to have security provision to the citizens at all times. When the crime rate is at an alarming rate, the Government tends to employ more staff into the security force so as to curb the crime affecting her citizens. By so doing, it creates employment for people in the defense and security forces thus generating revenue due to the collection of taxes from these individuals as every employee pays taxes. On the other hand, the crime offenders tend to lobby for more crimes making them to gain from the privileged persons.

Crimes also generate revenue to the Government through its collection of taxes from her employees. The rule in the nation is that every working individual pays some percentage of his/her monthly salary to the Government for the smooth running of the nation. Through the employment of the security personnel and the prison personnel, the government draws some revenue from these employees. The prisoners who are arrested as a result of crime serve some jail term during which they serve the nation hence saving some resources for the government in terms of offering some free service to the nation. By so doing, the government cuts down its money spent on payment of employee salary in the areas where the prisoners have been deployed to offer some free service.


Gender plays a role in crime in that most crimes have been associated with crime. For example, in 2008, most murder cases were committed by male individuals compared to the female counterparts who were recorded to have been victims of crime such as rape and assault (Bureau of Statistics 2004). The victims of these crimes are less advantaged individuals in the society and in many developed states, the case is the same. In America, individuals with a low income are fond of being victims of such crimes both violent and property related. The crime rate is at an alarming state in the United States of America thanks to the advanced economic development and the varied citizen races. The rates are at an alarming state thus the call for the Government to review her actions towards crime.



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