Free Essay Sample «Class Behavior»

Free Essay Sample «Class Behavior»

It is not possible for any administration without proper knowledge of class behavior to run the show. By class is generally meant a group or cluster having common attributes, qualities, characteristics or traits. The different classes in society lay claim to certain rights and if the government wants to credit itself with good administration it must acquaint itself with the nature of the different classes intimately; the government has to be earnest about it because it is pivotal to good governance. Class can be a tool worth cultivating. To draw vote banks a wily political group will heap aid and benefits on one class. Hence it is important for the government to distinguish one class for another if it plans to divide and rule.  But here a word of caution creeps in. This is short-term policy and will not pay dividends in the long run. A politician might profit for a brief spell of time but a statesman will avoid it. In a conscious effort the government has to rid the anomalies in class structure that stem from some within the class being idle.

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Although in general the classes are divided into upper, middle and lower classes depending on income there are other divisions based on gender and region. Classes can be divided according to occupation – agriculture and industry. Birth is the key and plays an important part but in free countries there is option of moving upwards; fate however can push one downwards. Often one generation undertake plenty of sacrifices to see that the children move up the ladder. Another tool in the hands of those pushing up is the strike culture that forces the administration to capitulate. Thus the classes have to be in tune with each other and properly relate; for this they will have to mend some ways and restrict the urge to indulge in deeds the occurrence of which may tear apart the entire socio-economic fabric.  Governance should be based on quality rather than vote quantity.


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