Free Custom «Class and Stratification» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Class and Stratification» Essay Paper

Today, China is the ‘land of opportunity,’ not America. Americans do depend mostly on the Chinese since they purchase their products yearly. This shows that there products are trusted by the Americans who are very strict people when it comes to foreign goods. Sourced products from U.S. are very expensive compared to those of China who enjoy sufficient labour rates and the know-how (technical) in producing their products. Today, China is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) thus is able to invest in other countries since the restrictions concerning foreign investments have been eliminated. However, in China the government still regulates it (foreign investment).

U.S. companies have had a growing interest to go build and expand their manufacturing and sourcing supply operations in China. This is a risky thing to do, but with their ability to deliberate on certain issues and their preparedness to take risks, they will not let their set goals dictate to them what to do and what not to do. In China, U.S. companies will be able to save on the costs of setting up a business since they have low tax rates, low selling, general, and administrative expenses (SGA) incurred, and enjoy the low capital rates involved in setting up a business. From this, they are going to enjoy major financial gains that are going to improve their living standards hence improve their societal status which is an important aspect shared by many human beings (Appelbaum & Chambliss1997).

China is regarded by many people in the world as a land of opportunity since it has provided them with so many electrical appliances that are being used by many in their homes and work places especially the mobile phones that are used by most people for communicating. Chinese population are well equipped with the necessary technology to manufacture goods of high quality and as such they distribute them to many parts of the world. Americans have not been left out. Many American college graduates have been given the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge by going to China. Many have left their country due to the increase of unemployment. The industries in China need a lot of manpower to be able to meet the target market in time hence job opportunities are many compared to America where one has to wait for so many months and years before being employed yet there are bills pending awaiting payment at the end of the month. As a result, the economy of China is increasing. Those students who come from a wealthy background do not suffer so much since they are connected to the right people (Appelbaum & Chambliss1997).

China is a country where so many experiments are being undertaken and thus, it has attracted a large population of the young Americans who are ready to do any kind of experiment provided at the end of the day they are being paid for the service performed. Many young people are eager to learn new things which will eventually be of help to them in future. China is one country that is not afraid of taking risks of any kind. Construction in China is part of their day-to-day activities since they are dealing mostly with modern buildings and skyscrapers. These buildings have attracted a huge population of tourists coming to appreciate the piece of art being performed by the engineers and architects of China (Sullivan, Madsen & Swidler, 1991).

Beijing and Shanghai are big cities found in China. They have a huge population, but traffic is well managed with its scale, infrastructure, and numerous activities making 10% of the country’s economic growth on a yearly basis. It has vast resources, radiant, and entrepreneurial people who are ready to put into use their knowledge and skills in developing their country which has cheap labour at its disposal. Its businesses thrive fast compared to those of the Americans because they enjoy good facilities like roads, utilities, and fast internet access.

Americans go to China in search of a better life that will enable them to work especially at start-ups. The dense degree programs available for engineers has made the nation into a breeding ground for elite and developed engineers who have improved the economy of the country by contributing to the construction industry. Chinese students have been taught by their teachers to be quiet and less blunt. This has fostered in them a culture of listening more to what is being said rather than initiating. Possessing this skill has made them different from American students who do the opposite and eventually land them into problems that affect the economy of their country. When they reach China they learn Mandarin. Chinese businessmen want people who can communicate with the Westerners for the sake of increasing their business profits.

Social stratification is defined as the divisions made in a society into strata’s. The occupants of these layers have unequal access and distribution of the available resources, opportunities, and rewards. Those individuals found at the top strata enjoy things like power and prestige while those at the bottom strata have to endure all the penalties that other members of the society have escaped from. Social class is a large group of individuals sharing a common relationship (power, prestige, and wealth) in attaining the means of production. Social stratification and class are important tools that make up a diverse society since it enables individuals strive to achieve what he/she does not have which will mean that they will have to be innovative in the activities they engage in to increase competition amongst themselves. This has helped many societies achieve their desired goals at a short period of time. The idea of social class is not that pleasant since it makes individuals not interact freely. This implies that they will not be able to share on the ideas they have (Appelbaum & Chambliss1997).

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Long ago, China used Mao systems to differentiate the different groups present in a country. Today, they have moved from it to a more open class stratification system that has seen to the alteration of socio-economic systems as well. Income distribution, occupational prestige, and gender inequality are some of the issues that have been looked into for individuals and groups to be able to succeed in expanding the market and economy of the country. Vertical dependence is what has characterized the change of interaction methods used in China. Many people do not rely on themselves but on the state and its representative to meet their needs (material). Collective identities are what are recognized in China and not the notions of self and individual.

In America, social stratification is stiff since ones societal position is still determined by that of the ancestors. Everybody in the U.S wants to rise which is not possible since it only applies to those individuals who are well educated. This then means that one has to wealthy to be able to get the best education. Education and motivation are essential for an individual since employers are looking for those who have the right qualifications. For one to acquire a high class status, you must be wealthy enough since class is a stabilizer of wealth distribution.

This particular question is intriguing to handle since it is dealing with current issues affecting our country. With this information, the country is able to stop the young talented Americans from departing from their country, but will look for ways and methods of using their acquired skills and knowledge to improve the country’s economy. The information helps us to curb the increasing social class system that is discouraging many people who are not wealthy from achieving their desired reams and goals. Interaction patterns have been greatly affected which lowers the economy of the country in a way. China being a land of opportunity is related to class and stratification since individuals move to a higher rank when the country’s economy is good. Class and stratification have a common ground that is, power. Whether one is on the top or bottom, there is someone who is in control (Appelbaum & Chambliss1997).

In conclusion, we have seen that many young Americans move to China to secure for themselves employment that is going to meet their daily needs. Social class and stratification affects all people in a society in one way or another. We can say that they are motivational tools which keep individuals on toes all the time. Without these two components, a society is not living since nothing acts like its motivator. China is really a land filled with opportunity since an individual is able to start his or her business there.


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