Free Custom «Child Day Care Centers» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Child Day Care Centers» Essay Paper

Day care center is where the young children are brought up in either a private or public setting .Most of the children who are taken to this centers are of the working parents. Normally safe nurturing and educational environment are fully provided .Physically provided safe environment including development toy, books and games are entirely part of it to enhance their creative thinking. According to United States department of labor (2010) the governments should provide day care centers for working parents so as to allow a child to have good care. Since most of the hours the parents are working, a child get diverse interaction rather than one to one interaction.

It also gives a child an opportunity to mix up and play with children of other age groups hence they feel comfortable around older kids which is an exception chance incase of a nanny. Daycare centers have proven to be a homey environment since the child gets adequate attention and moreover a child can get to know more neighborhood kid who they can interact with (Alan Booth, 2009). Consequently daycare centers have proven to be least expensive way of keeping a child well cared for unlike other methods.

In most of the daycare centers directors are parents themselves and therefore one can be sure that you are leaving your child with someone who has the basics of child and baby care. This makes it advantageous in terms of service provision of the parents at the job place. Parents too feel comfortable since they have assurance that there children are well kept and becomes proactive at work. This brings economic development giving more resources to the government making it to achieve its goals.

Provision of day care centers by the government helps the parents to save money since they take care of a number of children therefore they can charge less than it would be in case of employing a nanny which makes a parent better off financially. In those center children are helped with school work where they participate in educational activities such as reading and story listening. Day care centers makes parents life to be happier since they can be fulfilled professionally, they can pursue their career with no worries. These centers contribute much to career development of the parent because they don’t need to sacrifice their time to take care of the child (Shannon& Hammond, 2008).

In day care centers the child has an opportunity to move out of the house unlike the case of a babysitter. These centers also help the child not to get bored by spending all the time playing .In day care centers there are variety of activities that child is engaged in. these activities includes ; drawing ,writing, physical pray and dealing with words.

Once a child is enrolled in a day care center there is a tremendous chance where that child learns new things and improves on the vocabulary .This introduces a child to basic academic skills at an earlier stage and adopts to the classroom environment making them better in performance than those who were at home during there preschool period.

Shannon& Hammond (2008) asserts that child day care centers make it achievable to coordinate babysitters due to the stable nature of the schedule. This would not have been practical for the working parents because there schedule keeps on changing if favor of jobs rather than children. This is so because they fear loosing there jobs.

Those of the contrary opinion argue that day care centers are not very good because children get exposed to illnesses in centers where we don’t have sufficient items such as sanitizer and facial tissues the child is in the danger of being exposed to colds and coughs regularly. Air bone contaminants is also an easy way of transmitting germs hence a child can be infected. In daycare centers there are attachment problems since the child will not go there willingly as they feel abandoned (Judith & Auerbach, 2009). The situation becomes difficult when the child engages in screaming and crying; children that are strange may be left confused and have a lot of discomforts in those care centers.

A child also learns behaviors that are not desirable when interacting with others. This indicates that once you have taken your child to a day care you should be prepared to meet some disappointments of negative behavioral change in these centers. This turns out to be a disadvantage. This may be uncontrollable since parents have little time with their children who weaken the bonds between a child and a parent. Gilt is another factor that makes it a big concern for day care centers (Shann, (2008).It turns out to be troubling to many parents because of handing over ones child to someone’s hands.

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In conclusion due to the numerous discussed positive things about daycare centers which overdo the minority cons, the government should provide day care centers for the working parents since it help them to have a piece of mind at workplace, be sufficiently productive in there profession, provide the child with a homey environment, prepare the child to get to rigid classroom schedule and moreover bring happiness to all.


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