Free Custom «Caste System and Modernization» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Caste System and Modernization» Essay Paper

The caste system is the system where there is the presence of social classifications and boundaries. This goes ahead to the extent of limiting some privileges and other things to a surname e.g. only the Patels can do this or the Singhs do the other. There is no exact theory that the caste system came or originated from a particular place but it can surely be corrected or completely done away with.

One of the major steps towards doing away with such kind of a system is to know how many people might interested to join hands with you for many are better than one. This good or important as getting backup shows that we are committed and determined.

Educating the citizens about other systems that are more democratic and less restricting giving them their advantages and the disadvantages of the caste types of systems. I can try to Move motions in parliament that will encourage the embracing of other types of systems by the people. This can only be achieved is I was a law maker. Encouraging other people who are interested in ending this type of system to state organizations or support groups that will influence in the elimination of this type of system and especially in the rural areas where 72% of the citizens stay and practice this system (Pruthi, 2004).

I would face oppositions from the leaders of the 72%, the people themselves and the vigilante groups that normally resist change. I would face accusations of bringing westernization and abandoning the culture and the traditions of the Indians. Disrespect and betrayer are some of the accusations I will be given if I would take this road.

The U.S struggle over civil rights and the caste system are both olden ways of life that needed change. The caste system denies the citizens equal rights as the other so were the civil rights especially those concerning the blacks. Opposition came from the beneficiaries so as opposition would come from the greater beneficiaries of the system. Blood was shed and some even lost their lives as people fought for equal and fare systems of governance.

The definition of the word modern depends on an individual’s interpretation or who is being asked the question. If your definition of modernization is wearing short skirts, doing whatever you want whenever you want, then the Islam community is quite reserved or ancient. However, there are Muslim countries where women wear modernized clothes and make up though they have to wear them under their religious clothes sometimes.

Women are no longer under such major oppressions like before and the girls go to school and further their education like in other country. Their following of the Koran to the word has played a great role in their slow acceptance of modern things but they are slowly picking up.

The constant wars and battles that they normally get into is another major reason that has hindered modernization. Citizens are forced to live in fear and so they more focus on the current situation or their ‘today’ more than the future. The presence of the wrong types of leaders e.g. some former leaders of Arabia, has also influenced the slow modernization of this countries (Saeed, 1994).

As it is the case of other countries, these counties’ technology has not reached the technology in the already developed countries but it is not also very badly off. This is seen by the way some of these Muslim countries involve themselves in war and the type of machines and technology they use. The development they have made in their countries is also very pleasing.



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