Free Custom «Caste System and Its Functions in Hindu Community» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Caste System and Its Functions in Hindu Community» Essay Paper

To begin with, a caste is a mixed up public classification of traditions, political supremacy, and profession. However, the caste system describes the arrangement of persons into groups of authority and riches within a community. Along with this, the caste system is divided into different categories and each has a different function. These categories include Kshatriyas, Bhahmins, Vaishyas and Shudras. Nonetheless, each of these groups has a unique function that all the group members are supposed to execute (Singh, 2005).

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The Kshatriyas which is one of the classes in the Hindu caste system comprises of the ruling elite and the forces of the Verdict community as described by the Manu lws. In the same line of thought, this class is attained on the qualities of an individual’s personality, behavior and ability to carry out the required activities. Additionally, the people in this group are required to govern with a just rule. The other groups are the Brahmin who are responsible for carrying out religious duties in Hinduism as well as preach in Dharma.


Apart from this, the Brahmin group also consists of professionals and teachers altogether. In connection to this, Vaishya group occupy the third level of the caste system and it is made up of traders and farmers. The responsibilities of this group are rearing of cows, working, trading as well as growing ffood stuffs. Nonetheless, the Vaishya reach a point where they can lend money, own big pieces of land and also share business ideas with other people. In fact, it is believed that the Vaishya are responsible for the growth of capitalism in India (Singh, 2005). Finally, Sudra occupies the fourth division of the Hindu caste system and those in this group are majorly manual workers and craftsmen. Actually, the Sudra basically supports the other three upper divisions by carrying out the activities which cannot be done by the other three groups. Moreover, the up and down movements of persons and groups is very common whereby the status of a group is either up or down depending on the division they were at first. 


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