Free Custom «Ascribed Versus Achieved Statuses» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ascribed Versus Achieved Statuses» Essay Paper

Ascribed status can be referred to a social status of someone who acquires it at birth or get it much later in life but involuntarily. The status is assigned and not earned, and it can remain permanent throughout an individual’s life. An example is if someone is born in a wealthy family, he will be associated with that wealth throughout his life. Achieved status is different because someone has really to put a lot of effort to get the status. It is acquired on merit and the position is earned and not assigned. An example is when someone works very hard in school and later learns to become a doctor or when one is born poor but works very hard to acquire wealth like investing in big companies. (Schaeffer, 2009).

As for my case, I will respect a person who becomes wealthy through his hard work and not the one born wealthy. This is because the person who becomes wealthy through hard work has gone through ups and downs to acquire the wealth. He knows the challenges involved in getting the wealth and so he deserves it. The person born wealthy does not know what one goes through before acquiring the wealth. Most of these people are very irresponsible in life because they do not know what it means to struggle. They are very careless and misuse this ascribed wealth because they do not understand its origin. Those who struggle to get their wealth are very responsible in life; they do not misuse their wealth because they understand the challenges and struggle that was involved in acquiring the wealth.

In some cases, mixtures of achievement and ascription do occur. For example one can be born in a rich family but learns to become a professor. This is in most cases associated with open or social class societies (Schaeffer, 2009).


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