Free Essay Sample «An Intoduction in Sociology»

Free Essay Sample «An Intoduction in Sociology»

Sociology is the scientific study that systematically follows the changes and patterns in human behavior, social groupings and general societies. Sociology is deeply related to the mind, rational thought, understanding and spiritual areas of human existence. It is basically a rational analysis of the world around us and is the product of immaterial hypothesis against the material behavior. When companies that produce goods and services for the mass market want to create a successful advertising campaign, they seek the assistance of sociologists. These are professionals who have learned and perfected the intricate art of human behavior in masses. These sociologists then guide the companies in the best way to attract the biggest customer and client numbers solely based on their understanding of how humans behave when grouped together in masses.

There are obvious and expected responses to such interactions that professionals can predict thus assist a company in its growth. A classic example is the McDonald chain of fast food which heavily relies on sociologists before embarking on any promotional events of their products for maximum returns. Thus sociology is the ultimate study of how people are laid out and how events and occurrences affect the mass psychological patterns.  It is thus a type of psychology that targets and covers larger numbers of people in a go. Sociology seeks to answer questions like; how would this particular group react if we pulled product A off the market? What would be the effect of replacing A with B at this point?

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            Common sense on the other hand is basically all the things that people learn through the natural and obvious interaction with the environment. It is learning through the natural understanding of the confines of the home and the environment around us. Common sense integrates and incorporates all the information that is gathered through the five organs of sense, tongue, ears, eyes, nose and hands. Common sense is basically the application of sound judgment when dealing with practical matters and it is the basic level by which we all live in a safe and reasonable way.  It can be defined as the power of the inner sensation where objects of external senses like the sound we hear, the roughness of a wall, etc. are united and judged.



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