Free Custom «The Three-Personed God» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Three-Personed God» Essay Paper

If we let the doctrine of trinity inform us and influence our view of the world we will definitely find new meaning to many mysteries surrounding God’s actions and the depth understanding of his actions. This will help our understanding of the trinity and help answer monotheism and philosophical problems. In his book the promise of Trinitarian theology, Colin Gunton asserts that “the Trinitarian theology might be well be of edificatory value for those who already believe, for the outsider it is the unfortunate barrier to believe, which must therefore be facilitated by some non-Trinitarian apologetic, some essentially monotheistic ‘natural theology.' My belief is the reverse: that because the theology of the Trinity has so much to teach about the nature of our world and life within it, it is or could be the centre of Christianity's appeal to the unbeliever, as the good news of a God who enters into free relations of creation and redemption with his world. In the light of the theology of the Trinity, everything looks different. Clearly, through trinity God is teaching us about the world we are living in, and everything in it with its purpose and would be an appeal to those who have not believed as God is not discriminatory.

God the father is unique with two other distinct forms namely God the Son and the Holy spirit. God the son represents the action of life, this is because He was through the virgin Mary born onto the earth the normal way that the humans are beget while the God the holy spirit represents the Wisdom that the is with the Lord. Therefore we find that although God the Father is inaudible and unknowable He manifests Himself in the Son whose voice reaches the people of the earth through the Holy Spirit’s utterances. Therefore we can say that although God the Father is silent and repose His essence is manifested in salvation history by the Son. The Son is the giver of life and through the Holy Spirit the giver of truth. The Father dialogues to humans through the Holy Spirit’s word which is relayed to the Earth. Here we can conclude that there is only one God with three distinct entities; God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Father sends the Son who provides access to the Spirit and the Spirit guides, teaches and convicts the earth.

Some Christians who undergo suffering do believe that if the same God is subject to the anguish we endure, then how can He solve the problems they have. They think that this God is impassible and immutable. But the Bible describes three forms of suffering to us; God with us, God for us and God rejected. Here the doctrine of trinity answers, “…in a sense, the doctrine of immutability guaranteed the qualities of God that contrasted with and answered the human the human problem…” God has revealed the Trinitarian in Himself to us through the story of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself suffered on the cross so that we may know the Lord our God more. This is God’s being as it is revealed to human kind, hence the self interpretation of God. The Trinitarian relation of God is rooted in God’s decision as an event. He wills to be our God in relation and His act as manifested by the Son’s history on earth. God Himself undergoes suffering on the cross through Jesus Christ. Here the doctrine of trinity shows that indeed there exists a relationship of God with not only the divine but also with the world.

Through Jesus, who was crucified on the cross and died show God’s authenticity. During His death, God identifies with Jesus. This interpretation shows that God is distinct from Jesus. But again through God’s triune nature, He controls everything that happens and covers us with Jesus’ light and with the warmth of the Holy Spirit. Through God, Jesus renders Himself as visible and appreciable like men as He is just like them. Gunton says about Jungel’s interpretation, “God is…grasped as the mystery of the world as He come to the world” of course here in the form of Jesus on the cross.

God is present in and directly related to everything that is on earth. He can entice and lure in not by a coercive but a persuasive manner the universe by impulse. He does act not by each occasion but does so from within by entering into an occasional constitutional. Thus in calling God the spirit like in Romans 8:9 “You are on the spiritual level, if only God’s spirit dwells on you” and 14 “Everyone moved by the spirit is a son of God.” In this book the message of reality being conveyed by divine religious sense. Thus the issue of spirit can be looked from God’s aspect of His love, His universality and His superiority.

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In conclusion, we can say that the triune God’s response to us is in different ways through His different although distinct forms i.e. the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to the world and interacted with the earthlings and suffered like anyone else but through the Father He ascended to Heaven while the Holy Spirit guides and teaches us.



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