Free Custom «The Role of Religion in Society» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Role of Religion in Society» Essay Paper


The essay “The Role of Religion in Modern Society” has been penned by the Nobel peace prize winner Dalai Lama.  In this essay Dalai Lama explores the role of religion in inculcating lasting global peace.


The first idea that this essay looks at is the source of conflict in the modern society and the major avenues that can be pursued in reducing such conflicts. In this regard the author describes how the partition of the religious hierarchy from state as an institution can reduce institutional problems and in extension conflict, in a major way. The author further belief that contrary to some people belief that religion is not necessary in solving conflict or generally relevant today, it has gigantic untapped potential to help humanity, untapped in the sense that people have failed to appreciate the value of the rest of the other faiths.

A demonstration of this benefits that can be gotten from appreciation of other religions that the author traces includes the gathering at Assisi, Italy that according to him enhanced peace tremendously and also benefited him and other religious believers through symbolizing the solidarity and commitment that existed on those who participated. The author believes that more and more of such exchange in prayers and mediation efforts will enable the faithful of all religions to realize that just like their teaching those of other religions are a source of ethical guidance and spiritual inspiration to their followers. It is through such an experience that the author appear to be highly propagating for more of such joint activities among religions which he believe will further the cause of world peace.  


One thing that I totally agree with the author is his assertion that religion hold the key to majority of the conflict, religious or otherwise, that the world has to contend with every now and then. This is because faiths have literary been stonewall from the activities of one another, something that has been aggravated by the adversarial teaching that have been consistently been taught by those who are tasked with the work of guiding the faithful. That is the reason just as the author believes, why demystifying all religion to member of the other religion will go along way in reducing conflict, if anything majority of the world’s long-standing conflicts are in one way or the other stoked by world religions.

However, I do not agree with the author when he opposes the establishment of a world-wide religion that will unite all other religions thereby making the world a single entity united by the most divisive thing by the name religion. According to me, the essential religious diversities that he is claiming will be lost in the process are essentially the ingredients of conflict that we should be thinking of eliminating for us to have a truly peaceful world.  


This essay explores the importance of religious unity and the extent that it can go in reducing global conflict. In this regard the author looks at unifying factors of the world religion before coming up with the conclusion that religions are essentially based on and the same thing that ought to be communicated to the respective faithful in order that they can appreciate one another.



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