Free Custom «The Reformation of the Church» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Reformation of the Church» Essay Paper


The reformation of the church started to take shape in late 1510s when Martin Luther felt like the papacy and the Catholic Church in general was engaged to improper running of the religious center. By exposing the Catholic Church, Martin Luther led the start of Protestantism across Europe. Through its involvement with active politics and corruption, the Catholic Church was deemed by Martin as the house of poor faith. As a way to expound on the issue of corruption and active role in politics, the Catholic Church through the pope granted King Henry VIII special dispensation to marry his dead brother’s wife Catherine. This special dispensation was granted against these kinds of marriages because they were considered incestuous. Through this and more, the corrupt doctrines of the Catholic Church led to Martin Luther opposing its teaching and relevance while it led to King Henry to using its corruptness in ascending and getting to where he wanted.


Martin Luther’s Influence during the Reformation                       


Martin Luther after studying theology and acquiring his honors as a Dr. of biblical studies started to drift from the teaching of the Catholic Church. It is not th scripture or it translation that led to his drifting but rather the practice that was in play. Corruption had enveloped the Catholic Church and kingdoms changed according to the head on papacy. With his realization that it is through salvation that he would be able to go to heaven, Martin preached against the belief that money could buy one from the wrath of God against sin. With his calling aimed at teaching the people of German the true concept of salvation, Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Church and was categorized as a traitor as well as a baseless reformist.


Martin Luther’s 95 theses that he posted on the walls of the church in 1520 were teachings to those who did not belong to either on the reformists’ side or the catholic. The teachings had many of these people crossing over from the Catholic belief to the Protestant side (Mark & Edwards, 2004). Martin Luther’s teachings may have opposed the teachings of the Catholic Church with a few reasons; however, King Henry VIII seconded Marin Luther through his actions. The church felt like it was obliged to excommunicating Martin but didn’t feel like it had a reputation at stake to build when through corruption King Henry VIII was allowed to marry his brother’s wife. It is through the actions of King Henry VIII that the church was exposed to the world and thus leading to mass conversions.


As the saying goes ‘everyone for himself, King Henry VIII knew the formation of the church and how it worked. He had nothing and everything to do with the reformation. Viewed from the perspective of role in influencing reformation, King Henry VIII had nothing to do with the initial declaration that was made by Luther. On the other hand, since he understood the position of the church through Luther, he used the truth behind the church to get to his leadership destiny. As long as he understood that he did not start the fire, he did not mind adding some fuel to it and therefore he contributed to the reformations (Hurst, 1892).




Reformations of the church were mostly influenced by Martin Luther and King Henry VIII through their ‘Against’ and ‘For’ votes that aimed at exposing the Catholic Church. Martin Luther felt and knew that the teachings and the practices of the papacy were wrong and spoke openly against it by teaching the way to salvation. King Henry VIII on the other hand knew that the church was involved with unethicalpractices. Through this knowledge and his greed for absolute power, King Henry VIII cheated his way around law by exploiting the bad side of the church. His involvement with the Catholic Church and the kind of activity he was using the church for influenced reformation.



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